What Would Happen if “The BIG ONE” (Earthquake) Hits the WEST COAST

Monday, September 25, 2017

When most people think of the “Big One,” they often think about an earthquake caused by the San Andreas Fault. However, there’s actually a more dangerous fault called the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The Cascadia Subduction Zone, also known as the Cascadia Fault, is almost 700 miles long and stretches the west coast of North America from Vancouver Island to Northern California. For some perspective, an earthquake caused by the San Andreas Fault could reach 8.3 on the Richter scale, but a Cascadia earthquake will be more like a 9.2. That means that the quake could shake for up to four and a half minutes.

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Coming up:

10. Aftershocks
9. It Will Cause a Devastating Tsunami For North America’s West Coast
8. Japan, Indonesia, The South Pacific, and Hawaii Won’t Be Safe Either
7. Seattle Will Collapse
6. Oregon Would Be Destroyed
5. Canada’s Worst Natural Disaster
4. The San Andreas Fault May Rupture Around the Same Time
3. Disease Epidemic
2. The West Coast of North America Would Burn
1. Death and Destruction

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Supervolcano blast would blanket U.S. in ash
“Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” William S. Cohen
Supervolcano blast would blanket U.S. in ash

Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquake Swarm Now One of Biggest on Record, With Over 2,300 Tremors

Yellowstone Earthquake Monitoring Map

Volcanic Ash Winter

Space Weapons International Treaty

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  1. Alyssa Duarte says:

    Wait so anaheim and hacienda heights and la habra are gone if the big one hits ??

  2. Mlg Noscope says:

    VSauce is it you?

  3. cr7 soccer player says:

    Quick tell every one your darkest secrets i like a girl named mariana???

  4. Saul Gallegos says:

    I'm on the day right now the big one is supposed to hit in Cali…

  5. JosephDJ Barrera says:

    Today is the earthquake day let's see if it hits

  6. discoworm says:


  7. El Tiburon says:

    Sounds more fictional than a possibility. They've been talking about the big one since the 50's. So I don't believe in it anymore, but we've had a lot of 6.5 or more.


    Will Vegas be affected?

  9. electronic_gaming says:

    Nothin will happen yall trippin

  10. Jay _ says:

    So what I'm hearing is we r all dead

  11. Taste The Rainbow says:

    I live in Oregon..

  12. Miguel says:

    I never been so scared just hearing this

  13. Beastmode Beastmode says:

    I'm moving to South America

  14. isisdave says:

    And all your neighbors are unpreoared, but they all gave guns.

  15. George Canvin, Jr. says:


  16. Storm Site says:

    Well it hit Netherlands

  17. holy111 Flz says:

    I hope they move somewhere safer

  18. layla nicholson says:

    Thank gosh I live in Oklahoma

  19. TheRealExotic says:

    I live in L.A ;-;

  20. lorie rassouli says:

    Why not DE-NUKE North Korea, have them join NATO, in sharing Nuclear power, for example: with Russia. Then Russia will have the controlling power over N. Korea. N. Korea will have to go through Russia, in the event of a Nuclear threat. Nato nuclear sharing states are Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and North Korea



  22. Lynda says:

    idk if you have been to dutchinsinse youtube channel but he is the most accurate forecaster of earthquakes to the magnitude and day of each quake hitting, he understands the plates better than the professionals and i recommend you check out his videos and updates on the info

  23. Zealot The Fallen says:

    ALL of this was planned to Destroy America years in the past, and the play book is going exactly what they want. Total destruction of the large populated areas to weaken USA so we cannot defend ourselves, feed or live.

  24. Night Howla says:

    all of us are techonology u have no idea how powerful you all are . u are more powerful then any so called leader 4 you are them and they are u!

  25. Kris Baran says:

    They are manipulating weather that's why they are not talking about.

  26. Diamond Black says:

    NATURE IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY US PATENTS 1338343 – April 27, 1920 – Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists

    1619183 – March 1, 1927 – Process of Producing Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft

    1631753 – June 7, 1927 – Electric Heater – Referenced in 3990987

    1665267 – April 10, 1928 – Process of Producing Artificial Fogs

    1892132 – December 27, 1932 – Atomizing Attachment For Airplane Engine Exhausts

    1928963 – October 3, 1933 – Electrical System And Method

    1957075 – May 1, 1934 – Airplane Spray Equipment

    2097581 – November 2, 1937 – Electric Stream Generator – Referenced in 3990987

    2409201 – October 15, 1946 – Smoke Producing Mixture

    2476171 – July 18, 1945 – Smoke Screen Generator

    2480967 – September 6, 1949 – Aerial Discharge Device

    2550324 – April 24, 1951 – Process For Controlling Weather

    2582678 – June 15, 1952 – Material Disseminating Apparatus For Airplanes

    2591988 – April 8, 1952 – Production of TiO2 Pigments – Referenced in 3899144

    2614083 – October 14, 1952 – Metal Chloride Screening Smoke Mixture

    2633455 – March 31, 1953 – Smoke Generator

    2688069 – August 31, 1954 – Steam Generator – Referenced in 3990987

    2721495 – October 25, 1955 – Method And Apparatus For Detecting Minute Crystal Forming Particles Suspended in a Gaseous Atmosphere

    2730402 – January 10, 1956 – Controllable Dispersal Device

    2801322 – July 30, 1957 – Decomposition Chamber for Monopropellant Fuel – Referenced in 3990987

    2881335 – April 7, 1959 – Generation of Electrical Fields

    2908442 – October 13, 1959 – Method For Dispersing Natural Atmospheric Fogs And Clouds

    2986360 – May 30, 1962 – Aerial Insecticide Dusting Device

    2963975 – December 13, 1960 – Cloud Seeding Carbon Dioxide Bullet

    3126155 – March 24, 1964 – Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding Generator – Referenced in 3990987

    3127107 – March 31, 1964 – Generation of Ice-Nucleating Crystals

    3131131 – April 28, 1964 – Electrostatic Mixing in Microbial Conversions

    3174150 – March 16, 1965 – Self-Focusing Antenna System

    3234357 – February 8, 1966 – Electrically Heated Smoke Producing Device

  27. Spherian7 says:

    "Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." SECDEF Cohen 1997. Well. that pretty much ends the debate as to if EM can do the Job. The only question then is "Are they?" Here – check out NASA Worldview at edge of Harvey 9 1 17.

    Zoom in between Arkansas and Missouri. In the large sheet next to the main spiral you will see a vast, dizzying field of microwave interference waves . Once you see them, travel about and find more! Go to other days. It's been a microwave regional airmass carnival down there for quite some time.

  28. vudek coomzos says:

    Micheal Crichton State of Fear is about this kind of thing crazy book great one

  29. Michael Shultz says:

    Is anyone aware of the fact that kim jung dumb just exploded a HYDROGEN BOMB ! Creating a 6.5 earthquake ! The little P.O.S. needs to have his junk cut off and a hot needle run through his prefrontal cortex ?♿??????♐♑?

  30. Robbi Campbell says:

    One FEMA camp in Yellowstone.

  31. Robbi Campbell says:

    It is unfortunate that Yellowstone is Federal land. The fake federal folks from the federal reserve (private bank) just had their annual meeting at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Tetons. Yellowstone maybe under the CIA's UN org. CIA depopulation program.

  32. Priya Maharaj says:

    and they call this technology 'non-lethal weapons'. BS

  33. deborah sacco says:

    You will find the proof in Lt.Col. Tom Beardon's book. published in 1988. Big Hint here as I posted the ISBN before. Check it out if you want to understand the technology they really have.

  34. Banjo Cricket USA says:

    As my great-great granpappy used to say,
    "Be surprised at nothing, expect anything."

  35. Daniel Price says:

    Nobody cares about the rest of the world.

  36. Soy chileno feo y que says:

    What if someone throws a missile there?

  37. Loreen Degenstein says:

    Just stop NASA from drilling a hole into the magma chamber to relieve the pressure! HAARP is involved in geoengineering weather using Tesla Tech Arrays and Chemtrail particulates to cover the globe so they can direct the destructive weather exactly where they want. Includes hurricanes, tsunami, sinkhole collapses and earthquakes. Stop HAARP, CERN, and Project blue beam. These are weapons of mass destruction and control under control of the elites and shadow governments, the US isn't the only country to have one. And for crying out loud, shut down nuclear plants before we are all exposed to radiation! The earth is shaking and floods are happening, should not take a genius to see this is absolutely necessary.

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