What's The Point by : Article A (w/ lyrics)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Song: What’s The Point

Artist: Article A

Lyrics included

Enjoy! =]


  1. Brianna Forsythe says:

    Well the lead guitarist is my uncle and I'm going to be the junior brides in his wedding. no joke lol.. so i guess that we're pretty much even

  2. Sarah J says:

    the lead singer christian lograterria is my cousin and i was the junior brides maid in his wedding….i went to his concert in ocean grove in 2008 when the opened up for the jonas brothers….vip tickets…i <3 article a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been to his house b4 with my dad haha beat tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Angelina Morgan says:

    Yeh. I've actually met the lead singer. He is (or was not sure right now) neighbor of my aunt. So she had them sign an autographed copy of their CD to give to me.

  4. Lily Vanegas says:

    lol we are forced to watch channel one at school too.

  5. Angelina Morgan says:

    Oh no way?!
    I am so jealous.
    I know them (:
    They were my aunts neighbors.
    I met the lead singer.
    He is a good dancer (;

  6. Hailey Luce says:

    haha ikr, i hate channel one at my school

  7. Hailey Luce says:

    haha omg! i heard this on channel one at my school to, now im in love with it also! haha

  8. brilohr7 says:

    same here!!!!!

  9. Angelina Morgan says:

    hahaha thats funny XD

    && yeah me too!!

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