When Morons Only Read The Title Of An Article…

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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  1. bryce donelan says:

    omg!!!! Love Just Cause 3!!!!!! my new favorite game of all time!!!!!

  2. Champlain Valley Rail Snapshots says:

    This is such a frustrating problem.
    There was much fewer problems with Russian meddling as problems with dumb people blindly sharing junk without reading it or fact checking.

  3. porky11 says:

    I often see, when people just read the article of a video without watching the video. I also sometimes do this.
    Often they either post things, which are already told in the video, or they post things, that contradict everything in the video, or they just post random things, almost nothing to do with the video…

  4. SephirothSuperKool says:

    It also goes to show that Conservatives, for all their "Screw the Snowball Mentality", are hypocrites. Gee, whadda surprise.

  5. Sneek CZ says:

    Who is this guy in your intro btw?

  6. Nick 46 says:

    This is why I am giving up in humanity…

  7. Mikey Randazzo says:

    Millennials get offended by almost everything nowadays.

  8. Tobirama Senju says:

    This all goes back to the whole baby boomer vs millennial debate where the baby boomers point the finger at millennials for the state of affairs and millennials blame baby boomers for how the world is.

  9. Princess Olmeca says:

    I love NPR.

  10. Tenacious Ferocity says:

    Humanity is stupid.


    I'm guilty of this I don't do it all the time but sometimes I read a video title and then type in the comments are only watched half way through the video and type in the comments

  12. John Coffey says:

    It’s so fucken funny that these people talk about baby boomers when the fact of the matter is that they themselves are baby boomers, and person born in the years following ww2.

  13. Testsubject276 says:

    They don't even skim it? Not even read the opening paragraph? Damn.

  14. 321FloridaGuy says:

    Is there a subreddit where we can just read these dumb comments of people just reading the title?

  15. Cupcake Satan says:

    Beyond the stupidy of these people, I would like to say:
    Hi, I'm a millennial who isn't using any government aid, has two full time job, and is starting school. And no, I'm not rare.

  16. Kori Harpoon says:

    Well people we now no how trigger the right wing. Thank you Rich. ^_^

  17. TheOnlyTwitchR6 says:

    Lets face it, there is a certain type of person that does this, they usually vote one way.
    They'll never fact check anything, and its pointless to try to get though to them.

  18. FireFox Bancroft says:

    The problem Rich is these articles use Titles to generate clicks.

    "A women was sitting at home picking her nose when this happened…"

    You read the article only to find out "she found a booger".

    Maybe bloggers and news sites need to write better headlines? Well don't hold your breath, the click-baity titles generate clicks. Clicks generate revenue and people are greedy.

  19. SuperWheatley says:

    Rick why do you hate baby boomers so much?

  20. Augor Rivers, sword of the mourning says:

    Babyboomers truly are the worst example of "millennial" behavior

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