When to use the articles a, an in English grammar

Friday, October 11, 2019

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  1. Amit Gupta says:

    Hello ma'mm,Thanks lots of !! I am regularly watching your videos. this is only my way to learn English grammar I am geeing stuck order of determiner to be placed in the sentence. sharing few examples. 1.Four- times the cost; Determiner four times and the ,there is no Of between them. 2.Three quarter Of the participants ; Determiner Three- quarter and The ,Of placed between them 3.Some Of the girls /some Of my friends ; Determiner Some , the and my : Of is placed between them. 4.Some more juice ;some and more quantifiers Which are same level quantifiers but there is no words (may be Of etc..)placed between them.
    I want to understand what is the rule to put multiple determiners (pre, central and post determiners) before to noun.

  2. Mark L says:

    I'm really sad because I'm unemployed

  3. John Awai Piok says:

    I would like to download some videos but not able to download why?

  4. electrofuse says:

    I have troubles with the pronunciation of "a", it's has 2 cases, i dont know when i must use them.

  5. Gian Souza says:

    I am feeling very good! About this lesson in my video from YouTube the transcription the world "an" show "on" it is wrong?

  6. Zildo Santos says:

    Yes. I can use A + countable nouns; or A + words that begins with a consonant letter; AN + words that begins with vowel.

  7. Hafid Alaoui says:

    You look sad today, we wish you a happy life teacher Gabby

  8. Sonia Mendoza says:

    It is the first time I see your videos, and I really like it, you´re awesome, thank you very much for your videos.

  9. Lions Girlz says:

    i feel excited coz my day is very wonderful

  10. Mamedi Kebe says:

    may Allah bless you best teacher.

  11. Pascual Rafael Márquez-Suárez says:

    Oh, I´m sorry you are feeling awful, I hope you´ll feeling better tomorrow.

  12. Konstantin Ashaev says:

    Did not want to get up in the morning today, due to I went to bed 3:30am.

  13. mehran motazedy says:

    I am fine

  14. Hasan Ziod says:

    I`am feeling fine …. Hope you will be in good health soon.

  15. Ali Gamal says:

    hope you well soon

  16. Ilya Yakovlev says:

    Good lesson. However there are too many mistakes in subtitles. I guess it's because of flu. Take care. You make really helpful work.

  17. 郭懿萱 says:

    Hi, Gabby, I was feeling gloomy and depressed these days for some things that my family and I hold discordant views and couldn't reach concerted agreement about, though those are some trivial matters related to different opinions of each personal standpoint, it did bring me a negative emotion that made me tense up and stress out. But dont worry about that, I am getting better after immersing in your helpful episodes, most importantly, pls take good care of yourself, replenish more water and rest

  18. Mollie Tai says:

    I'm feeling fine today . Thanks .

  19. Mollie Tai says:

    Wish you well soon !

  20. Mollie Tai says:

    a, an + countable noun
    an + vowel sound (a,e,i,o,u)
    a book , an apple

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