Where’s “Gay Marriage” in the US Constitution?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

You might’ve heard “there’s no right to gay marriage in the Constitution,” or that marriage equality is something brand new that’s only just been invented. And it’s true that I don’t see the words “gay marriage” in the Constitution. But I also don’t see “straight marriage,” either — or any marriage at all. So, does the Constitution protect marriage or not?
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A majority of religious Americans say they support marriage equality according to new numbers by the Public Religion Research Institute — a sign that more people of faith are reconciling their beliefs and improving their understanding of LGBT people and families…

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Clip from the Friday, April 24th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  1. Brandon says:

    By that logic there is a right to marriage between multiple people (polygamy), man and an object, man and a non human, and an overage and underage person.  It makes no sense to have a court to rule off of another court case. Each must be a case-by-case basis.  If not you get a nasty web with nasty consequences.  What I am saying is not an argument against gay marriage in general, it is an argument that the constitution, as is, does not give a right to gay marriage.  The constitution is not a "living document" that changes meaning because there is nowhere in the constitution where it says that.  You can amend the constitution to change its meaning, but it doesn't magically amend itself.

  2. isabel says:

    I'm sorry, but, I cannot live with these kind of conditions and having my son exposed to same-sex marriages. To me, it applies woman and a man to marry, not man and man to marry or woman to woman to marry. In that case, since everyone is raving about the fact that love has no sex, in that case, then only men or just women should of been created if same-sex marriages mean no sex. Obviously you need the other sex to have children. If only just one sex would of ruled the whole world and there wouldn't be any population right now. Everyone should think about the people who do not support same-sex marriages, all they can think of is their selfish selves. I do not discriminate no one who's like that, but i am not with it either.

  3. jpbp23 says:

    But the one thing he didn't mention is that they had to rewrite the definition of marriage a man + a women = one flesh=children= family. Give gays all the privilege of a married couple but lets not change the definition Who is the originator of marriage? He has all ready Defined it.

  4. FreeTheSheep N7 says:

    Maybe… gasps the government should completely get out of marriage? Stop subsidizing it, and taxing married couples differently? Then this debate would never of happened. Big, involved government is what creates problems like this in the first place.

  5. Jake Miles says:

    this guy is awesome, I'm going to share his vids.

  6. Gaysianboi says:

    lol im all like you can't see anything on the original document. love the channel

  7. barb s says:

    Its not about marriage – its about Government licencing of marriage. Why get a Government marriage licence, why pay the government to be married, why seek the Governments licences as permission to be married, why look to the Government as an entity with authority to make a couple officially married?
    We don't need it, its actually none of the Governments business, they are a third heel in the marriage partnership! Its all a HUGE scam on the people!

    But if gay people really really really want so much to pay the Government to licence their marriage and agree to have the Government as a third party in their marriage… go for it, you fought to include this partnership in your relationship and you won them over… they want you …. a happy threesome made for each other by the Government :)). Personally I think its high time we the people kicked the Governments OUT of [our] Marriages. It really is a HUGE scam on the people!

    In the video you said (2min mark) >"States can't withhold marriage from someone unless they have a very very very good reason"

    Why seek permission to be married from the State in the first place? lol
    Its like trying to sell ice to Eskimos, they already freely got it!
    But I don't think you get it.

  8. Robert Kenyon says:

    Beautifully argued!

  9. Reema says:

    Love listening to your videos. Very informative.

  10. Frugal Traveller says:

    A law defining marriage as a union of man and woman does apply equally to everybody. Marriage is fundamentally a religious concept. It is one of the Church sacraments. This is because marriage is a contract to love, which is something only God could enforce.

  11. Awab Kamal says:

    if gay was not wrong so should be bestiality and incest.. look there is one thing that determines whether something is right or wrong and it is what god thinks.. gay marriage is bad and whom ever convinced you that god is not going to punish those people for doing this bad thing is lying to you..

  12. Anthony Hunt says:

    Great job, Matt! But saying the protections were there all along is misleading a bit. It wasn't until 1868, with the ratification of the 14th Amendment, that the Due Process Clause could be called upon to protect the basic rights of millions of Americans. The ratification of the 14th Amendment, in response to the Civil War, marked a towering moment of progress in this country and we should be thankful that after 130 years, we can finally take part in marriage! Great job again, Matt! Telling everyone I know to subscribe!

  13. Ryan Nix says:

    Thanks for the video. I love watching you videos. Hugs, Ryan. #subscribe

  14. strafrag1 says:

    Beautiful video, Matt. Man, you rock in the "speaking" world! ♥

  15. bannockco says:

    I love how you break things down and you're getting better and better at presenting. Your shirt is too big.

  16. Ty Becker says:

    My thoughts while watching this video:
    "Wow, that guy looks like Doc Maynard… holy crap it IS Doc Maynard!"

  17. scarymantra says:

    Keep em coming, MB!

  18. barbtube01 says:

    Another informative and factual video.

  19. Sabeer V says:


    Oh man! Read the following verses carefully, then think, meditate and reflect among entire mankind in order to maintain the harmony of human unity as well as to annihilate riot, bloodshed, discriminations and all such mischievous activities. Remember that 1000 species of Lord’s creatures are praying and glorifying Him by their souls. Therefore, it is the inevitable duty of mankind bestowed with intelligence to act in order to keep the earth and universe in its equilibrium utilizing Adhikr—the Balance and Trust from the Impartial Lord.

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    Each individual has to utilize Adhikr to become a believer. All others who received the Book are disbelievers.

    76: 3
    Indeed, We gave him option to select the way, either to be grateful or ungrateful.

    Since the Lord is Impartial everyone has the right to be grateful or ungrateful, and therefore even the parents have no right to compel their children to become so and so.

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    The believer who considers Lord as impartial shouldn’t kill any soul (living thing). Believer shall not undergo or wish to undergo sexual intercourse with others than his/her spouse.

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  20. Melina Covi says:

    I will never understand the logic in America. Why do you differentiate between hispanic and black protestant? Why not simply protestans? That's no rethorical question, I really don't understand the logic behind it. Isn't the poll about religions?
    I've never seen anyone here in europe differentiating in a poll like this before…

  21. Native says:

    Millennials…sigh, and I was born after that gen. After the gay crap all he did was rant about religion

  22. anticorncob6 says:

    Aren't Jehovah's witnesses usually completely insane?

  23. SomethingSimple says:

    I am in that 60% in Catholics. I have nothing against gay marriage, or gay people in general.:)

  24. Truvak T says:

    and Scientology?

  25. Evan Stuart says:

    Hey +Kyle Kulinski were Unitarian Universalists ever mentioned in the study, or were they not classified as a religious group, because that's a congregation I get behind, and from my experience there the sector or Unitarian Universalists I would say are like 90% in favor of equality across the board

  26. J T says:

    I know a lot of people who say they have nothing against gay marriage, but their god does. I'm sure a lot of those numbers would be higher if the question was phrased to reflect that fact. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm just throwing that out there.

  27. hitomi969 says:

    0:49 51% and you seem to be happy about muslim ?
    What the poll said is more than half of muslim are homophobes…
    so yeah, there are groups worse thant them, but that's NOT something to be happy of !

  28. drakke125Channel says:

    most jews who approve of gay marriage aren't even real jews or religious jews.

  29. Codyjb818 says:

    Buddhism (not buddism in thumbnail) for the win!

  30. Momqvist says:

    A progressive atheist's case against gay marriage:

    Dealing specifically with the Christian ceremony and tradition of marriage, the state or even democracy should have no say in whether churches should allow gay marriage or not. It should be up to the religion or the individual churches performing the ceremony. However, this is only granted given the premise that no religion or church receive government funding or tax exempts and that married couples do not receive any benefits or perks from the government compared to non-married couples.

  31. Malcolm Fox says:

    That's cause Buddhism isn't a religion at its core – it's a philosophical way of life that emphasizes love, purity, and spirituality

  32. Robert Derusha says:

    One thing that probably wasn't controlled for but should have been, is the region the respondents live in. Otherwise its just going to end up showing the religions that are followed in more progressive areas are more progressive, so not very useful data there… But I could be wrong

  33. darkbeetlebot says:

    Buddhism wins again; suck it, Taoism!

  34. Algahiem says:

    Buddhism is OK, but personally, I think Cthulhu is bit less demanding of how I live my life.

  35. Spectrum says:

    Muslims 51% thats BS, either that or they asked some kids that identify as muslim but don't practice it. Adult practicing Muslims are extremely anti-gay, no way the figure would be as low as 51%

  36. salacity says:

    i would LOVe to see kyle try to go on savage nation, get torn a knew one on just abotu every issue that isnt israel or cops

  37. SilverAbsol says:

    Best way to change our minds about our beliefs. Arguements? No. Debates? No. Calling our beliefs stupid? That'll do it.

  38. KT Leone says:

    wow people don't agree with you and their assholes because only religion is a reason to be against gay marriage? Nah, you're the asshole.

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