Which Countries Allow Same-Sex Marriage?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Which Countries Allow Same-Sex Marriage?

Is It Legal To Discriminate Against LGBT? http://testu.be/1JDjK1e
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Gay rights, including marriage, have become increasingly relevant with countries stepping up to legalize same-sex marriage. So where is same-sex marriage legal?

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37 States with Legal Gay Marriage and 13 States with Same-Sex Marriage Bans

Gay Marriage Around the World
“A growing number of governments around the world are considering whether to grant legal recognition to same-sex marriages.”

Frequently Asked Questions: Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
“Section 3 of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” has been declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.”

Iceland Picks the World’s First Openly Gay PM
“When Barack Obama was sworn in as the new U.S. President last week, Americans made much of the fact that he was the country’s first black Commander in Chief. ”

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Is It Legal To Discriminate Against LGBT?

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A Chinese court ruled against a gay couple in the country’s first same-sex marriage lawsuit, dealing a blow to the campaign for LGBT equality. CNN’s Matt Rivers reports.
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  1. Marco Maassen says:

    I'm a homophobic and proud of it!

  2. 9-11 says:

    Dont ban love I would say.

  3. marc jamieson says:

    12 Islamic countries like Saudi and Qatar actually kill gays, lest not forget their oppression of woman

  4. mineben256 says:

    It's silly that people say how countries that allow gay civil unions don't allow marriage. The only difference between the two is that civil unions covertly rebels against God while gay marriage openly rebels against God.

  5. Ella T. says:

    Slovenia is such a shitty country. People not allowed to publicly express their religion because "It's offensive to Christianity", same sex couples not being able to adopt or get married, refusing to play any pro gay marriage song on the radio, our presidents having fucking criminal records and so much more shit. Get me out of here!!!

  6. European Mapping says:

    In Greece we now have same sax marriage

  7. zamarco says:

    in Italy is legal civil unione same sex ( for now not mariage) and in Finland next years is legal the mariage ( for now only conversion actualy civil union in mariage) start 1-1-2017

  8. Haziq Redhani says:

    Well, I don't fucking care about same sex marriage

  9. Umesh Timalsina says:

    Nepal too has legalized

  10. Rey De Fuego says:

    philippines is way more behind it sucks… people here sucks they still use God to justified their prejudice. Religion is about LOVING one another and most people here are just looking for an excuse to HATE.

  11. ishdeep grewal says:

    Wasn't Nazi Germany the First Nation to legalize gay marriage

  12. kasper41291 says:

    You forgotten Denmark

  13. Revlo Soul says:

    Here in Romania we find gay people retarded.

  14. star_scream music chaneel says:

    fagets you can mirage but dont fucking say its not a sin its a fucking sin in evry rilgion and dont say its naturaly becsuse its not

  15. Mr. Fishlips says:


  16. Taimoor Khan says:

    M still single… anyone..?

  17. Alexandra Anna says:

    It is now legal in the us all over

  18. Ecce Homo says:

    South Africa does not have equal rights for gay people. Gay men and women may not marry at any South African consulate anywhere in the world.

  19. Brendan says:

    no its not a universal human right

  20. bugsy101073 says:

    No same sex marriage in ALL of ASIA…….proud to be ASIAN

  21. Marshmallow920 says:

    No need to spread progressive globalist conception of "equality" to China, gays are more than tolerated there, its not criminalized, they can live their lives openly, do not have to hide who they are or god forbid aren't criminalized and hung on cranes like muslims prefer to do (which "liberals" shy away from admitting, cause there too busy white washing islam). Not having a "marriage" paper doesn't mean you do not have equality of opportunity.

  22. paul chisholm says:

    Consequently American women are being hammered with oprah saying be a lesbo is good, while normal hetro women are becoming just that…,,gay for no reason. Men should be aware, your perfect potential wife is dating a woman. 

  23. Shanghai Noon says:

    Gay marriage campaigns have failed all over Asia. Move on.

  24. 2015CricketWorldCup says:


  25. 五色兰德 says:

    I am so sad USA is so degraded and anti-Islam and other religions.

  26. John Miller - Democrat says:

    This twat blinks way too much.

  27. Joe Young says:


  28. AlexandraJohnsson says:


  29. john 321 says:

    Perhaps China does need a few gay people to control their out of control population

  30. AugustanFinn says:

    China isn't that homophobic.Many Chinese tolerate gay people and violence against them is quite low.However they do not approve of gay prides and people dressing up provocatively to make a point.LGBT rights in China are better than in Russia.

  31. De Revolutionibus says:

    They are adult, sane and free. I won't be surprized if they were successful.

  32. Thyalwaysseek says:

    Homos can't be married, marriage is between a male and female, homos can have same sex unions sanctioned by the government but not marriage.

  33. 3enb Toot says:

    over all the time men were always straight and looking after thier families
    first they make us weak and took our sisters and mothers to civilization and freedom
    after that men have lost their direction and completely lost everything
    sexual diseases were only 5 before 1960 and now we have more than 50 we should think about it before our kids find themselves acting like animals
    same sex marriage is one of the biggest corruption under the name of the FREEDOM
    we don't need a monk to show us the right way
    ask our creater ALLAH

  34. Michael Conde says:


  35. ZzMac1996zZ2 says:


  36. Amazing Atheist says:

    We are in the final hours of Christianity's downfall. All will soon bow to the new atheists' order and will remember this as the last century of a dreaded invention called "religion."

  37. Harambe4Trump says:


  38. Emperor Seamus says:

    Oh no, here comes all the homophobics

  39. Logi Cat says:

    Good job china

  40. fred cucaracha says:

    Homosexuality is a disease of the mind. Gay's should seek professional psychological counseling therapy.

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