Why Article VI Not V

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

We are being told that we need an Article V convention to rein in big government. However, the purpose of such a convention is to fix defects in Constitution. So, is our problem with big government due to a flaw in the Constitution, or a flaw in the politicians?

The Article VI solution to big government is to enforce the Constitution by holding officeholders accountable to the oath they took to support it.

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  1. Greg Austin says:

    A very informative executive summary of the issue.

  2. Safari Bill says:

    Congress ignores Article 6 yet you think we should "educate" citizens so they would "force" politicians to follow the Constitution. Seriously??? The Tea Party was the most successful grassroots effort and it was undone by faithless politicians who promised one thing to get elected and then behaved another way. JBS is either naive or sinister. Our Constitution is a precious. While you promote educating the citizens, by the time that is sucessfull,we will be living under complete "rule by elites" and mostly likely disarmed.Your approach, if sincere, is too little and too late. The States, using Article V have the right to both propose and pass amendments. It takes 38 states to pass an amendment proposed by Congress or by a Convention of States. What "runaway" amendments do you think could get 38 states to vote yes??? Only amendments that are appealing to liberals, conservatives, and libertarians can garner the support of 38 states. You are using fear tactics to sway the uninformed. BTW, South Carolina tried Nullification under Article 10. How did that work out??

  3. Jim Allen says:

    This is good work.

  4. 0331JARHEAD says:

    Article 6 = uncork the swamp plug!

  5. Merlin Grim says:

    Agree that article 5 and 6 are both necessary to ring fence the FG. We can leverage both options at the state convention level. We have a ton of house cleaning (60 years worth) … It’s time to get busy!

  6. Micha EL says:

    This couldn't be farther from the truth, thank you JBS, for having helped me see the truth! I did at one time support the 5th amendment movement, however I was puzzled by your assertion that they have a little known clause that allows them to "clarify" any amendments. While that may be true, I stress"maybe" as I haven't seen any firm documentaion of this clause yet, your now saying Article 6, an oath is a better fix? O.o Seriously you are completely wrong on a number of fronts, for instance you seem to hold our constitution in such high regard of worship as to discount any possibility it could be flawed! lol it isn't the Bible dudes!
    What we see is two of the three parts of our federal government having run amok with power. The first offender in the SCOTUS, which has the sole responsibility to determine what congress legislates is "Constitutional" or not! Yet they have instead seized the power to "interpret" the constitution rather than rule a simple yes or no! How do you people at JBS think we the people can hold these life appointed judges accountable, hmmm maybe scoff at them in public next time we see them at McDonalds?
    How about the Holders and Obamas out there claiming the President has the authority to kill American citizens without due process, shoulc we vote them out after they have seized this power for themeselves and all future dictatorial Presidents?
    As for congress who have become paper tigers except for the Americans wallets and tax revenue! What shall we do here hmmm, maybe we should ignore the huge war chests these politicians amass to fight off challengers not to mention political corruption within the parties,and just grunt and bear the onslaught of our childrens future like an oversized ape doing a prison rape on the average joe?

    Yes thank you JBS for clearing that up for me I would rather risk our biblical constitution in an effort to FIX an obviously flawed document than hope for these lying scum types of politicians and judges to honor their oaths!

  7. Roger Johnson says:

    The Constitution we have today has become the "Article of Enslavement" our forefathers feared it would. It was forced on us in the 1780's. Destroyed entirely in the 1860's. Rewritten in the 1870's, transformed to enslavement from 1913 to 1933.

    Our Nation went wrong when we moved from Sovereign Free States linked together under the Articles of Confederation to the Constitutional Slavery we have today. The Declaration of Independence says when a government becomes a burden on the people it should be thrown out and another one formed. We have paper money, 20 Trillion debt, Birth Certificates, Identification Numbers, a IRS, Central Bank and many other forms of slavery under this Constitution.

    It's time the people "dissolve the political bands" and right the wrongs of history under the Constitution.

  8. 101StEagle says:

    It is to restrict our rights.

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