Why cultural diversity matters | Michael Gavin | TEDxCSU

Sunday, September 24, 2017

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Michael Gavin, associate Professor of human dimensions of natural resources researches biological diversity, and discusses the importance that history, language and tradition have in the preservation of culture.

Associate Professor of human dimensions of natural resources in the Warner College of Natural Resources. His research examines the origins of human and biological diversity, which has led him to work with indigenous communities in over a dozen countries.

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  1. Knobbelaut Jönsson says:

    I don't know whats more laughable, People who believes that every government in the world is controlled by lizards or people who believes that the western countries are trying to eradicate white people and impose islam.

  2. Chris Schene says:

    This content and philosophical direction of this talk is pretty obvious.

    Cultures come and go and society tends to gravitate to the most economically and politically powerful cultures. If you want to prosper in the dominant culture, which is almost always the most economically powerful, you conform at least to the degree that you must to prosper economically. I am quite sure that as China and India begin to rise in dominance, the dominant culture will change and my descendants may well be speaking Mandarin in the future.

    No, we are not conforming our society and schools to accommodate each and every culture. If you only go to our schools 4 days a week, you will be less well prepared than someone who went 5 days per week.

    You can teach your culture at home and you are encouraged to.

  3. lizzyregis says:

    Diversity has worked so well in the past! I'm going to name all the countries with a lot of diversity! 😀
    The Ottoman Empire
    The Mongolian Empire
    Portuguese Empire
    Spanish Empire
    Danish Empire
    Northern Cyprus
    Southern Cyprus

  4. Red Peony says:

    If everywhere becomes "Diverse," everywhere become boringly the same old Pizza/ Kebab shop. [Douglas Murray]

  5. John K says:

    I find it odd that anyone can be offended by this video- he is merely giving insight into how indigenous cultures have to wrestle with different majority cultures. This is neither new information nor revolutionary nor a critique of just America. Chill out good people and realize we can understand others and still be united. Peace out!

  6. Gabriel Cox says:

    To people in this comment section, diversity is great if you embrace it. If you don't take opportunities in life, then you don't get anything.

  7. Moshe Sixgorillionwitz Itsnotthejewsstein says:


  8. Sir Potato says:

    Look up what genocide means.

  9. Patricia Vorwald says:

    I used to agree with you but I realize that we need to provide the same opportunities to all groups. Unfortunately globalization is unifying   cultures and  we all should have the same opportunities for learning technology, language and scientific progress.

  10. TF says:

    your ideological masters hate you, leftists. Come to the light before you find this out directly.

  11. Zero Aragaki says:

    Funny because I personally think Culture is diverse because of Our doings too, We strive for development and Interesting Adversaries, then what You discover something new? and Finally "Adapt" it for your or others according or even make an accordance yourself, It's the Paradox of this world, We hate These Things We Ourselves Built. We're responsible for everything even why the Glass broke even you took Extremely careful with it.

  12. Brigham Mercadante says:

    ha nerd

  13. Aron M says:

    Funny diversity is not pushed anywhere but the western world.

    Diversity is the biggest lie pushed to cause genocide on the white race. All stats point to unless things change Whites won't be the majority in Europe or America by 2050. While the rest of the world will still be mostly the race of the people that are there today.

    Even if he is trying to say the smartest minds which he is not it causes brain drain in the 3rd world that desperately needs those minds to help there country advance.

  14. Kottbusser Damm says:

    Vanutatu is the most divers society in the world ? And how poor and miserable are they ?

  15. Lemming Daycare says:

    Why cultural diversity causes crime and degeneracy, which is good for the business of leftist statist authoritarian scumbags like the degenerates TEDx parades in front of the masses of mongrelized mass morons that multiculturalism creates. Make Israel multicultural or STFU! Hypocrite roaches.

  16. Grokford says:

    I don't think that it's considered copyright infringement to take medical lessons and apply them to save people's lives.

  17. Terra Ball says:

    I'm white and in a few hundreds of years, most of us will be brown. And I'm okay with that. I'm not a self-absorbed idiot, who bases everything of the pigment of someone's skin. You will never win. Ever. And this comment section is racist. Not in the SJW kinda way but in the actual meaning of racist. All of these alt-righters should move to russia, at least there you can kill gays and blacks, isn't that what you want you sicko, you should be deported. I bet you never talked to a Muslim, a Sikh or a Hindu once in your life because you need to be in your safe space, like a little baby. Please just kill yourself, we don't need people like you. It's time to stand up against these pricks and deport them to russia goddamit.

  18. Kirsten DeMelo says:

    Clearly there are a lot of trolling going on in the comments. We should focus on how we can come together and not how we are different. However it is good to appreciate different cultures. Yet cultures do ultimately divide people. Not to mention Sub-cultures. This happens even with parents and teens. Some how it is a part of growing and learning I think. I believe in the future we will see less division, more unity yet with individuality still.

  19. Duchess 19 says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if this guy was a Jew.

  20. Emma Minze says:

    wtf is wrong with the comments section here.

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