Why I Deleted My Video About the International Business Times Article

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Why I Deleted My Video About the International Business Times Article

I made a video talking about an article from the International Business Times by David Sirota and Andrew Perez. I’ve decided to delete this video after further consideration. I felt as though it was too misleading about Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and I don’t want viewers to be mislead by it.

Article in question: http://www.ibtimes.com/political-capital/hillary-clinton-spotlighting-crisis-flint-michigan-voted-against-measure-prevent

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  1. RaphaelAyden says:

    Found your channel not long ago. Been searching for more unbiased (everyone's biased but a news source to be more transparent about it) media. I do a lot of my own research as political junkie and a fan of science/philosophy. I have very high standards but I've come to respect you and your work. Thank you for having integrity, honesty, and solid work ethic on being a more legit news source. Keep up the great work! Also, great coverage on Bernie. Veterans for Sanders 2016.

  2. Corey D says:

    I looked more into the overall bill. The final version of the bill, which HRC voted against, included the following clause:
    Paragraph (1) of section 1421(d) of the Safe Drinking Water Act (42
    U.S.C. 300h(d)) is amended to read as follows:
    “(1) Underground injection.–The term `underground
    “(A) means the subsurface emplacement of fluids by
    well injection; and
    “(B) excludes–
    “(i) the underground injection of natural gas
    for purposes of storage; and
    “(ii) the underground injection of fluids or
    propping agents (other than diesel fuels) pursuant
    to hydraulic fracturing operations related to oil,
    gas, or geothermal production activities.''.

    The Safe Drinking Water Act did not contain the exclusionary language set forth in part B of this clause. Thus, it removed various fracking activities from protection under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Hillary voted for the senate version of this bill, which did not include this clause. She voted against the final version, rightfully so. Credit where credit is due.

  3. Corey D says:

    Could you provide a link the senate votes on the overall bill. It isn't this? http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?&congress=109&session=1&vote=00158
    +Corey D and here's the house vote: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2005/roll132.xml
    Unless I'm looking at the wrong bill, it appears that Hillary voted for the overall Bill, while Bernie voted against it.

  4. Marvdizzle says:

    Sittin on tha toilet…. Sittin on tha toilet… Sittin on tha toilet…. SITTIN ON THA TOILET ༼ ͠ຈ Ĺ̯ ͠ຈ ༽

    On Topic: Well done, this is what gets you respect bro, fox news needs to learn from you – you're the real fair and balanced news source.

  5. Patricia McDermott says:

    Hillary Clinton in Black history http://youtu.be/5uWu0nSsg7w it's not good

  6. barbtube01 says:

    Mike you showed integrity with your video. I wish Hillary Clinton's pundits would show the same integrity that you do instead of the pundits spreading disinformation about Bernie Sanders.

  7. Magnus Marz says:

    LOL She can never win can she? LOL Even when she is right she is still wrong according to you guys. Fuck LOL

  8. Wise Sloth says:

    Good job, As much as I hate Hillary, we need to be objective and factual, unlike Hillary's campaign.

  9. mnybz says:

    Your journalistic integrity have convinced me to subscribe.
    There is a serious need for this type news, however bias you perceive it to be, to arise into the light. Facts matter. And the notion that repetition makes truth, is a dangerous road to follow.

  10. Mr Zacchaeus says:

    you just gained my respect!! (already had my subscription though…) i cant quite tell if youre an sjw, but either way keep doing what youre doing.

  11. Gwen Lee says:

    i appreciate your commitment to honesty in your reporting
     try not to lose that in the future.

  12. TrinityLiberty1 says:

    Thank you for being honest.

  13. judyleasugar97 says:

    Thank you, the fracking industry & their political lackeys are very sneaky.

  14. Hayley Foster says:

    Just curious, but in general, hasn't Hillary done work to expand fracking around the world? There's a clip on YouTube where a young woman is at a Clinton rally asks Hillary if she will stop supporting fracking, and Hillary says point blank "No." She says she won't take fracking off the table and won't "keep it in the ground." I'm just genuinely curious about why Clinton would vote against an energy policy bill that contained fracking, but is in support of it now. Thanks for this video, love your integrity!

  15. Zeke Rodriguez says:

    Everybody please donate to Bernie, he needs the money to power through the corruption. There is still time for him to win but barely, and it falls on US to get out there and do it together. WE can do this people! lets BERN them all!!

  16. Brian Karcher says:

    1. No need to mea culpa more than once (or twice); point is, you're overdoing it. 2. You were right to explain yourself; as a public (or private, for that matter) person, as, if someone has nothing else, they have they're reputation. From what I've seen, your's is consistantly an honest and ethical one, or of a person who strives mightily to be such. Don't sweat it. Peace.

  17. Mario Diaz says:

    accountability is rare, Mike. gj following your gut and doing the right thing. this is why I watch your show.

  18. LOLO Tom Cat says:

    I read this article as well and was conflicted a bit by what they were trying to criticize.

  19. Alan W says:

    Is this going to be another vote that Hillary will defend after the fact?

  20. Matthew Iverson says:

    Wow… integrity.. so rare.. right on!

  21. Duke Nukem says:


  22. Gershom Ben Dovid says:

    So long China! Your bid to become a world superpower was great and you have some fast trains but State-Run Capitalism does not work in the long run. Mark my words, China will go back to being economically Communist in 15 years or less. Basically the planners are going to say "screw it, let's make all of these companies into departments of the Government and become as repressive as North Korea." US Newspapers will be abuzz about the collapse of "Capitalism" in China. China will then quickly fall off the edge economically and she will become a huge slum of billions of unemployed people. Guess what happens next? In order to "save face" the Communist Government of China invades Taiwan, then they invade Japan after sinking the US Pacific Fleet in one battle and they make Japan a "puppet" of China and loot it. Same with Taiwan, then they invade South Korea and make Korea into a puppet State then they seize Southeast Asia and then they attack Russia and annex Siberia. (and etc) The USA, defeated by China, basically collapses into anarchy. Yeah I know this prediction is not a "rainbows and sunshine" prediction. If you want "rainbows and sunshine" then watch "My Little Pony" I am a hard-core realist and this is what I see on the horizon for both China and the USA. It is quite possible that a Sino-US war will involve the superior Chinese forces invading the West Coast or Alaska after nuclear weapons hit our main ports. Most Americans will surrender quickly to overwhelming Chinese firepower. The Chinese then force the US to sign a humiliating treaty which makes the USA a debtor-slave to China. American school children will learn how the superior Chinese beat the racist and xenophobic United States and China will resettle MILLIONS of it's citizens in the beaten USA and the slow "ethnic cleansing" of Americans will begin by forcing them out of their remaining jobs. Sorry I just don't see the USA as being the winner in any contest of arms with China, the US population is already far too demoralized for a full-scale conflict!

  23. TheSushiraw says:

    THIS KIND OF NEWS IS NOT ABOUT CHINA, IT IS ALL ABOUT AFRICA INSTEAD, when CHINA moves into AFRICA and undercut the west, and build the infrastructure, and increase the trade between CHINA and AFRICA, the WEST lose the grip on AFRICAN resources they have been getting for decades for almost nothing, they used this theft method to subsidize and stimulate their economies for so long… in other words CHINA is endangering their LIVELIHOOD… and their HATE is at all times high. I have been hearing about CHINESE TOTAL COLLAPSE SINCE 2008 when CHINA was number 3, I STILL HEAR THE SAME STORY TODAY 2016 WHEN CHINA IS NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!! desperate westerners

  24. PPK Hall says:

    The economy of China will slow down
    But I do not think it will crash
    What will happen is they will be the Japan of the 1990s
    They will become ONE of the boys in G20 or G8
    so they cannot push other countries around anymore

  25. ToiYeuYAHWEH says:

    The end is coming for china!! Great!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!

  26. Teemu M. says:

    The markets expect Neoliberal short-term fixes, that´s why the speculative stocks are down as soon as the government show patience and tought. China was occupied By the globalized Neoliberal corporate system in 1996-2006, which caused debt crisis in the West. As long as these economic forces are able to dictate policy, the societies and governments are unstable.

  27. Teemu M. says:

    I guess the cranes stopped building stopped ghost suburbs.

  28. Yaoxing Li says:

    I like Bloomberg~ so funny

  29. John Shen says:

    He seems to forget no matter how bad he think is China by far China still doing the best in the world

  30. John Shen says:

    How funny these experts pretend they knew what's going on in China

  31. John Shen says:

    You have no clue

  32. Andy Warrier says:

    When will the world find the courage and guts to free Tibet out of China's cruel strangle hold.

  33. Kevin is Nice says:

    Tax all chinks 1000 percent.

  34. George Kafantaris says:

    nothing has happened its 2016

  35. Arpa Nar says:

    Chinese economy is garbage.

  36. chess747 says:

    That's why you have ghost cities over their because the 2008 crash was really designed the bring down China, so they propped it by building ghost cities,just like the 1987 crash of the Japanese economy which did crash and is still suffering.But the real fall of China will be war with their Asian neighbours,because of their claim to the South China Sea that they are claiming now.

  37. yang guangsha says:

    70% of China's gdp is construction? Lol, what a idiot. This guy didn't see 90% of world personal computer, 80% of smart phones and 60% of housing electrical and electronic products are made in China. China also has a huge consumer market, the Chinese e-commerce is bigger than US. Actually the real estate gdp percentage of China is even smaller than US. By the way, China has 355 cities and 150 of them are more than 1 million people, I don't know how many of them have been visited by him. Chongqin, China's mega city in the middle, this year gdp growth rate is 18%. This city has 10 million people in urban area, and another 20 million in counties.

  38. R R says:

    How can building so much cities be good for China if there is no one living in them?The common man can not afford to live in these cities…………and the cities remain empty…..

  39. mac mac says:

    china is investing more on artificial island, rather than spending on chinese people. Xi Yin Ping policy is absurd.

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