Why Osama bin Laden Gave Up On Terrorism

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why Osama bin Laden Gave Up On Terrorism

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Before his death, Osama bin Laden privately instructed his lieutenants to refrain from killing civilians. He looked at the data and realized that those tactics no longer worked.

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The Awful Truth Is That Terrorism Works:

“ISIS’s serial beheadings and recent enkindling of a Jordanian air force pilot have generated worldwide horror and opprobrium. But heinous and repugnant as these acts indisputably are, it’s important to recognize that terrorism is more calculated and choreographed than these mindless acts of barbarity suggest.”

Does Terrorism Work?:

“This paper examines whether terrorism is an effective tool for achieving political goals. By exploiting geographic variation in terror attacks in Israel from 1988 to 2006, we show that local terror attacks cause Israelis to be more willing to grant territorial concessions to the Palestinians.”

Evaluating Counterterrorism Spending:

“In 2010, a committee of the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science issued a report on how effectively the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was spending its funds.”

Bin Laden Realized The Truth: Terrorism Doesn’t Work:

“Five weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden publicly commanded his foot-soldiers to ramp up the violence against American civilians. But five weeks before his death, he privately instructed his lieutenants to refrain from killing any civilians.”

Why Terrorism Does Not Work:

“This study analyzes the political plights of twenty-eight terrorist groups- the complete list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) as designated by the U.S. Department of State since 2001.7 The data yield two unexpected findings. First, the groups accomplished their forty-two policy objectives only 7 percent of the time.”

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  1. Gerard Toal says:

    how can you call the ira terrorists when the English had invaded us and treated us like absolute dirt the british army are the real terrorists!

  2. Elfner Organic Lawncare says:

    I put a dollar in my shoe once for no reason

  3. Dogizmaster says:

    Osama bin Laden was never a terrorist.
    9/11 was rigged.

  4. Megalodon says:

    Really? You expect us to believe that a man who was found in an compound full of armed men, women, and even children, and died trying to reach while trying to reach for one of several assault rifles he kept in his BEDROOM, just suddenly decided that the HOLY WAR HE DEDICATED HIS LIFE TO FIGHTING AGAINST THE WESTERN INFIDELS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS was a mistake, and just decided to change his ways and stop killing civilians? What the hell have you been smoking? Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? Since when has any leader of an extremist terrorist group ever changed their mind just like that? That's like saying that a kind, gentle person suddenly decided to become a serial killer just because being nice wasn't working out!

  5. The Channel says:

    Funny you mentioned the IRA. Osama bin Laden actually said that groups like IRA were probably responsible for 9/11. Mullah Zaeef of the Taliban even denounced the attacks.

  6. Te Hone Rapata says:

    When the first nation of a country was wrongfully stripped of their lands through terrorism by the way of Gods will, you will always see terrorism acts violently created around you. So many millions of American Indians wiped out in America in a span of 200 years or more from that so called is a terrorist act. You think by changing your constitution will make it right. Bad was done right from the beginning and bad will always stay until bad is made good. Give all their lands back and let them rule their nation. For those who say how stupid we are, then look at how stupid yous are by watching your own stupidness getting worse and worse every day
    You say does terrorism work. Well it worked for you's here.

  7. Ghetto Nintendo says:

    Pretty sure isis has accomplished many objectives over Middle East

  8. Vrushali Mane says:

    I hope people get why you are wearing this T-shirt.

  9. 2XRemix says:

    Because he knew what he had coming.
    Delta force
    Green Berets

  10. Asfakul Islam says:

    If we look at history every freedom struggle was seen as terrorism by the opposing/Invaders . That's the way thing is. If we take a impartial look , ISIS are fighting for , what's according to them is freedom. Nelson Mandela was once considered was a terrorist because he was fighting against the side which was in power. IRA, once considered as a terrorist group are now part of the Government. Someone rightly said "History is written by Victors" Or There is another one – "Unless a Lion learns how to write, Society will always glorify the Hunter"

  11. Koric TheGreat says:

    That sentence "Osama Binladen gave up on terrorism" sound hilarious to me. Its like he gave up on his child, or he gave up on drugs, or he was a young man who liked to do a thing like basketball or something but then he grew up, got a job and gave up on his dreams. Its a funny sounding sentence!

  12. David Wilcox says:

    terrorists hate freedom, that is where they succeeded. they took away american freedoms. we as a nation are less free and less safe than ever.

  13. Daniel Fleming says:

    indirect effect I posted something to the USA today from the UK, took me half an hour to fill out the forms lol

  14. Samuel Munaku says:

    Is this dude trying to imply that the liberation war for Zimbabwe was a terrorist campaign. What an airhead. Stick to what you know or do your reaserch.

  15. Koby Byerly says:

    I wonder how many bugs where planted in the equipment that was left behind for ISIS…..

  16. Kidney Thief says:

    terrorism works, but people dont want to admit it

  17. Sagacious Fox says:

    Retired from sand terrorism, to a peaceful life with close family members upon a juice farm. Including his great grand nephew Luke.

  18. Zen says:

    i just heared the words: counter, terrorists…
    i miss my games?

  19. Zen says:

    osama wanted revenge for "his race" because the "white human race" called them monkey and…
    you know what i mean

  20. rancper says:

    I thought the militarism of the police was because of the drug war, not terrorism.

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