Why We Haven’t Cured Cancer

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ever wonder why we still haven’t cured cancer? Join SciShow as we discuss what’s wrong with that question and why it’s so hard to find a cure.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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  1. United Brony says:

    what about CRISPR?

  2. Helawolf says:

    US govt. does not care about life only profits. Go after the root causes, be it environmental poisoning or chemical concoctions in the food supply.

  3. [F.T.H]DOGIE says:

    OH I KNOW THIS ONE! Because chemo is profitable.

  4. Leafa 0910 says:

    We've already got the cure now hooray ??? too bad that not a lot of people(even the doctors at some countries) knows about TransferFactor ???

  5. norma garza says:

    thank you for the info, i need to watch it a 100 more times, yes everybody is different and at the same time cells contently changing … and Im over people sayin, " there's a cure they are just hiding it"… i use to think that too… but what I learned, saying that doesn't help any cancer pt. mental or physically.. sending LOVE and positive energy of healing to anyone dealing with cancer and to cancer caregivers

  6. Andrew Mitchell says:

    There have always been cures for cancer. The problem is that doctors who are passionate about their job aren't allowed to have the kind of harmless tools to cure cancer. And that's because cancer is mostly a business, not so much a disease. Do you know why that is everyone? It's because those who control the money know they can't make money off of such alternative options; which explains why alot of famous and helpful doctors over the years have died because they knew of the more effective, helpful, and cheaper treatments that can be beneficial to people in the world!

  7. Mason Reynolds says:

    Sadly the government wont admit to this but the real reason in why we haven't cured cancer is because who ever comes close to finding a cure mysteriously dies by killers hired from the mass pharmaceutical industry.

  8. Wolf Hybrid says:

    Not watched yet but the government does not want it cureing

  9. Nexus Clarum says:

    nano technology. just imagine being able to program specific tiny machines that are programmed to target very specific cells. You can change the programming anytime you need for any special case and after a certain amount of time they just entire your digestive system and you pass them.

  10. Kurt Cobain says:

    Please read the truth about cancer by Ty Bollinger. Weather you have cancer or not, its very educational and not your typical anti government rant.

  11. Laxman Mahato says:

    Answer: Weed

  12. bears 25 says:

    curing cancer by means of acid Chemo therapy (Highly Acid means) Chemical therapy is insane and barbaric what mutates ACIDS if the problem in the DNA breaking down how do you fix that Fasting repairs DNA and a fruit based diet cleanses the carcinogens, acids and toxins contained where all CANCERS are found the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM Detox THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM is a vast pervasive system that deal with metabolic waste why would the body have such an expansive system for waste and dump its contaminates right into the blood what if you stuck the front pipe of your car you poor gasoline into and the back exhaust together and had both systems working within the same pipe with an filter and an exhaust build in to the connecting pipes I call that an inevitable recipe for cancer and damage don't you need to different separate pipe systems for goods and waste? thats just bad design

  13. Daniel Jordan says:


  14. Benjamin Cha says:

    Why is there cancer?

  15. BlackSpider4 UNIVERSE peace. says:

    Why we did not find the cure in USA??? There is no money in the cure

  16. Repreive Reprehensible says:

    Hypothetical "cure"?
    Intersecting beams of penetrating low-energy radiation to create high energy points, all monitored to be sure the tumor is being targeted and destroyed. Finish any smaller remaining tumors with standard therapies.

  17. galactic Excalibur. says:

    Cancer is nothing but a deficiency of b17 which if taken can cure lung tumor completely.. B17 present in apricots n something called letral

  18. Danny SJ says:

    Oncologists can profit more from cutting it out than curing it

  19. Hermon ThyGreat says:


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