Why We Love Certain Books

Friday, September 2, 2016

There are books that seem to know us better than we know ourselves: those are the books we love.   If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):  http://bit.ly/2ba19Ck

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  1. 1992fafnir says:

    Err… i don't know if anyone agrees with me but…. This video made me think that it would be great if the School of Life made a series about the great fantasy writers. Asimov, Rowling, Tolkien, Moorcock and so on…… just a though…. i would like to see a more informed perspective on the genre i love the most…..

  2. Seth R says:

    Now I want to read all of these books :)

  3. Bryan Mantecon says:

    Why We Love Certain Books? – and not others?

  4. Benomrane Badi says:

    Louis Ferdinand Céline – le voyage au bout de la nuit.

  5. Sejad Heric says:

    "Derviš i smrt" Meša Selimović

  6. ShiftyDog says:

    some book series from Darren Shan.

  7. Sammy Saperstein says:

    I feel this way about this channel

  8. Evangelos Spyromilios says:

    1:24 is Maria Callas!

  9. thegossipswan009 says:

    "acceptable to suffer in the way we do".
    that feels so liberating. cause we often feel that our sorrow is supposed to be hidden, and sharing emotions with others is almost like sharing your biggest shame. so if we are comfortable enough with our suffering, it would be easier for us to deal with that same suffering.

  10. Andie Cook says:


  11. Sebbelch Moosehead says:

    A Song of Ice and Fire

  12. Coolest Hoe says:

    My fav book is The Miraculous Adventures of Edward Tulane, (haven't read it in 4 years so don't blame me if I got the title wrong?) about a doll rabbit learning to love and appreciate through the hardships he faces. Love that book.

  13. maunakea says:

    haha this is how I felt when I read the first few chapters of The Course of Love

  14. violin says:

    cough what was that gay one called again? cough

  15. Kanishk Singh says:

    For me that book was a song of ice and fire idk am I weird?

  16. Holly Anne Foster says:

    Love reading everyone's book choices! I think mine might be A Fool's Alphabet by Sebastian Faulks, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and Maybe This Time by Alois Hotschnig.

  17. Ur mum says:

    I got chills when he said the Harry Potter series

  18. Ruba Alghamdi ي‎ says:

    im reading dostoevsky's the brothers karamazove, at the end of it less than 100 page left!!
    what are you reading ?

  19. Sam Simpson says:

    Need where fly drurow net.

  20. coreycox2345 says:

    You write well. There are also great books that can shock one into a new way of thinking.

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