WIKILEAKS New: Donors Steered Business to BILL CLINTON by Clinton Foundation Fundraisers.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

WIKILEAKS DUMP: Clinton Foundation’s Fundraisers Pressed Donors to Steer Business to Former President Bill Clinton.
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  1. Alexpmgr8 K3 says:

    its quite sad that assange and snowden are in hiding. This clearly shows how corrupt our uk and u.s governments are. Both have to be abolished. Wish i was kidding, the clinton mafioso news has shocked me completely, gee was i suckered. now that i have read enough, i know usa and perhaps uk are finnished, all down to america duping us in ww2. effing mazis bought out the yanks ages ago !!! if I have read it, Putin has read it too. game over. yanks were always greedy fat, arogant cocky big mouths… oh well , shiz happens.

  2. Laura Laman says:

    Hillary wants us re-,educated in prison she told bankers we need 2 re-educate Hillbilly Hillary and Hillbilly Chelsea in prison Lucifer is not our GOD in USA !

  3. Laura Laman says:

    we need Joshua to come back finish the job !

  4. Soldier53flyer says:

    maybe they did the other coke? cocaine??

  5. Soldier53flyer says:

    If I took A anything from anyone when I was in the U.S. Army for giving a speech I would go to jail. So how in the He!! does Hillary get away with all the crap she got paid for when working for the USA?

  6. Dianne Rowen says:

    *****????????Why does the media,go nuts for the first lady HE/SHE….. MIKEL???????

  7. Brya Saver says:

    Does anyone in the US Government even know what treason is???

  8. Theresa Hoffman says:

    Jail the whole family…

  9. JSOMERSET994 JSOMERSET994 says:


  10. Susan Murphy says:

    Seems like her "internal affairs" are deteriorating (or dying)…….she treats EVERYONE subhuman. SHE IS NOT A GOD….SHE BLEEDS TOO…get it?

  11. Richard Nakoneczny says:

    muskbusker flimflam assbass humpkin

  12. chris chappell says:

    nothing sprises me anymore !

  13. S C says:

    did the clintons think this s*** is ever going to go away so

  14. uTube Watcher says:

    Thank you for your work! You're the best channel out there!

  15. JuliaSugarbaker says:

    I swear I'd rather fellate Charlie Sheen without a condom on the front steps of AIDS clinic than have that : treasonous, capriciously prevaricating, lying / cheating, drug smuggling, hypocritic genocidal war mongering, cherry picking / family values preachin, Satan worshipping / cousin rapin, window licking, ill bred opportunistic sell out psychopathicl Darwin Award Candidate Bride of Chucky to be my Commander and – THIEF !

  16. don Reeves says:

    bill clinton should be put on the rack,the filthy rapist dog .

  17. jjjeanjeane says:

    Parasitic vile pigs .

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