Will Stem Cell Research Lead To A Baldness Cure?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Will Stem Cell Research Lead To A Baldness Cure?

In this video I cover the super important potential baldness cure.


Please watch this new documentary showing the amazing results from cord blood stem cells in our son’s life. www.KensJourneyToRecovery.Blogspot.com. The clinic we used was the top clinic in the world, the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. **note. The footage at the beginning of the film and throughout Ken was 8 YEARS old, not 2, like mentioned in news articles.
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  1. JoshDownUnder says:

    As someone who's bald and been going that way since my teens, but also in a wheelchair due to severe syringomyelia, I so fucking agree with you man. It pisses me off that these brilliant researchers are using stem cells in a field of vanity simply because the $ is there. These scientist could be used in spinal cord cures or motor neuron disease fields. When you're on your death bed you think one of your last thoughts will be "Yeah, I'm dying, but fuck I had a killer head of hair though". No, it doesn't fucking matter. It's just hair. There's far more important issues we could be solving. I do agree with you on women who are balding though.

  2. mastermooky says:

    36? brother you're young man! I don't believe in time, I believe that youth and vitality are results of what you do with your body. no sugar, or garbage should go into your body

  3. mastermooky says:

    I just think it's kinda weird how so many corporations keep saying that a cure is near, when it's all bullshit. stem research is great for baldness if they are being honest, but if it is a viable procedure, I think we should direct money spent on weaponry and things of that ilk to the research, moreover, lets help spinal cord injury folks, and other maladies that truly under a decent quality of life

  4. Odd Eology says:

    dude…noone likes to be bald…the gender does not matter…

  5. Leebaf123 says:

    I agree with what you say. I guess for a lot of people baldness is just unacceptable. This also goes way back to the time of the Roman Empire if not further back. Caesar means hair or crowning hair or some bullshit like that. Apparently hair was also very important to them as we'll. It meant some kind of status, that's why slaves during that time got their hair cut off. Anyways society is seriously fucked up

  6. venito camelo says:

    because not all of us have a good shaped head like you I was 14 years old when I started losing my hair  I hope you understand me

  7. michaele shelley says:

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  8. Alejandra González says:

    Please i need to talk to you

  9. Meng Rojas says:

    Hi. I'm a mother of a 5-yr old boy with autism. At this age, he does not talk clearly. He could not clearly say a single word. He does not eat any solid food. He only drinks milk from his milk bottle. He has "his own world". He does not mingle with anyone. He's not potty trained that's why until now he's wearing a diaper etc. I was inspired by Ken's journey in overcoming autism. My husband and I want our 5yr old boy to undergo on stem cell therapy but we don't have enough funds. We are here in the Philippines and living a simple life. Could someone tell us how much the stem cell treatment cost? Which country is this treatment available that is nearest to the Philippines?

  10. Sandy Dziadosz says:

    have you had your son checked for tongue ties? he's doing so well. good job mama for doing whats best for your son

  11. Gevreet45 says:

    Remarkable & heartbreaking story. So happy for the family, to see such incredible, life altering results. Thank you for sharing! Go Stem Cells!

  12. Gareth Baus says:

    Given that he is still a child and therefor developing, and no obvious evidence for physical injury was given, it is impossible to say as to weather or not the stem cell injections had any affect whatsoever on what might have been his natural development, although since they are not embryonic stem cells and have little potential for harm the most significant issue with this treatment is a matter of cost.

  13. adda plaster says:

    Finally a cure.

  14. Tiziana Cachia says:

    please is there somebody want to finance my son for te treatment, im poor living with social security , need find a way for my son with autsim, it cost 8,600 euros and I dont have money, if somebody contect the stem cell and offer for me, my mobile 356 79828510, please

  15. kuchi24 says:

    @Greekadonis2…please send us a rough estimate of cost of this type of treatment…6 year old son with mild autism

  16. Byleist says:

    Stem cell injection does not work for the disorder autism. It's possible to have brain damage, but brain damage is not autism. And blod injections would not get to the brain. Either incompetent or scam artist I can't tell. This is college level stuff.

  17. Mo inmt says:

    The pharmaceutical companies who destroyed our children's brains with vaccines should be made to pay for the treatment to get them well. Maybe with a new president that really cares about his people, we'll get this. Trump is not under control by the lobbyists so will not answer to them for anything. I pray this is a new chapter in America and healing for all!

  18. Kevin J C Mcg says:

    True, most autistic children and pre-teen boys especially, wear diapers

  19. Theresa McCune says:

    So many autism videos on youtube show children having one on one care/therapy in their homes. How are they getting this??? I have insurance and I'm not getting this. My son doesn't qualify for SSI, and I've spent money on group therapy, but never has anyone ever mentioned that someone could come to my home. I can't even go back to work to pay for all this until I get a qualified person to care for him, so how is it so common to get in-home care?

  20. YT Stephistaecated says:

    This made me so happy!

  21. jose rios says:

    Thats amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! You gave us hope!

  22. Coloradopeach says:

    Hi. My son, Jonathan had a stem cell treatment in October. He has been sleeping SO much. Did Ken experience this?

  23. Savina Batres says:

    I am Autisitic

  24. Khettab Yacine says:

    لم افهم لغتكم للاسف ،لكنني فهمت لغة الالم و المعاناه
    اتمني من الله عز و جل ان يشفيه و يمتع به اهله

  25. A Middle Eastern Person says:

    I like to know where is this doctor? how can I get him. thanks

  26. Lee Harris says:

    Inspirational video, my son hasn't been formally diagnosed yet but its pretty evident he has autism.  My wife and I are desperate especially as we've established this 5 months before our second child is due to be born.  Are you able to tell me the cost and the institute were this took place, and give any other information you think could be helpful? Again thanks for sharing your story, I love my son regardless but as his Dad my goal is to ensure he has the most fulfilling life as possible, our  journey starts now!!!

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