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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wind Energy - Renewable Energy – – Wind Energy – Renewable Energy, If you are looking for an Renewable Energy system we have Wind Energy Kits and Hybrid Wind/Solar Kits for your Renewable Energy home system. Alternative energy is an umbrella term that refers to any source of usable energy intended to replace fuel sources without the undesired consequences of the pollution. Common types of alternative energy are Wind, Solar, Hydro and other alt energy sources. WindEnergy7 is helping raise public awareness of the coming energy crunch while working on creative solutions to ease the inevitable transition. New energy sources like Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Biomass Energy are all things that American’s should embrace. Alternative energy news and information resources about renewable energy technologies. The purpose of this site is to provide a resource and to help Amereicans get off the grid as much as possible.

Wind power, Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity, windmills for mechanical power. Wind power by country shows Wind power in the United States has been steadily growing every year for well over a decade. Wind power can be an excellent complement to a solar power system. Here in Colorado, when the sun isn’t shining, the wind is usually blowing, WindEnergy7 has the ideal Hybrid system to harvest both. The European Union installed 9616 megawatts of wind energy in 2011, or 21 percent of the bloc’s new power capacity, the European Wind farm subsidy cut urged by MPs Seeks to Install Wind Turbines in France.

WindEnergy7 is the price/performance leader in home wind energy.

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What are the ups and downs of alternative energy? Solar, Wind? We have been 3 years now using alternative energy.

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    Stellarator fusion nuclear reactors only cost $0.5 billion each, and can produce vast amounts of clean electricity from sea water, without any waste.

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    Have you ever considered a water windmill to pump water up to a tank that will gravity feed to the house?

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    Zack, I think I'd have a sacrificial lighting rod, or a balloon far from the house and the turbines. obviously much higher than the expensive set up. the only thing i would say about the solar, us I managed to buy used computer server batterys , pretty much paid for them by their weight, saved a fortune.
    still working good. the desulphator is an excellent tip, bet they don't sell them in Walmart hahaha

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    When people first started pressure canning, most of them used wood, or coal, cook-stoves. My grandma (born in 1903) did. It was an accepted practice back when she was raising a family. As long as the pressure is correct and kept steady and the time is correct, it doesn't matter what you can on. People are just too spoiled today and wouldn't know what to do without their modern gadgets.

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