Woman Raised By Lesbian Parents Comes Out Against Gay Marriage ft. Taryn Southern

Sunday, December 27, 2015

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1 – Marriage News

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  1. icecream6919 says:

    This is like the one they uploaded recently

  2. jjllooggiicc says:

    You all are brainwashed idiots

  3. jbzhummerh2gamer says:

    Horrible person! Hands down. It's sad at the same time though how the divorce happens, & she was young as well.

  4. Naweed sediq says:

    I do not support gay marriage but i do not have problem with it either. marriage is a religious institution between a man and woman and has been like that for thousands of years. You can't say religious people are stupid because they believe that. I do not have any problem with 2 men or women living together. you have to respect both views

  5. Lithium666 says:

    Holy shit I could not tolerate being in the same room with these libs.

  6. potato chips says:

    i would definitely want two dads xD

  7. Noah Solomon says:

    i feel really sorry to the parents. like your dad becomes a dick treat you like shit and then blame people who love you so much. like whattt ???

  8. Tipani Galzote says:

    I really like watching you guys and I wish I could meet you guys in person but I know I can't cause I live in Hawaii and I watch your videos all the time even before I go sleep

  9. Razvan Musat says:

    What ignorant bigots.

  10. Phoebe Luther says:

    I am against gay marriage but in this case it sounds like her dad was the biggest problem here. sucks that her mom walked out and all but its not the mother and "step mom" that is the cause. could have ran out and been a man and not a woman though.


    geo looks like bubble tape gum in that shirt.

  12. Ruby Mathew says:

    As someone who grew up with two moms an NO father figure I am fine and in an amazing relationship

  13. Jack says:

    666 ommm

  14. No Talent Crafts says:

    Why would it matter? Anyone should be happy to have people in life. As long as the child is loved and cared for they should be happy. I never had the opportunity to know what a family was like. My Father was killed by drunk driver when I was 2 1/2 and my Mother died of a heart-attack a week before my 5th birthday, the remainder of childhood was spent being fought over by family.They never fought for us because they cared for us, but because whoever had custody of my younger brothers and I could access the money we inherited. Quit caring about what the parents are a enjoy what you have.

  15. GCT10/31/1990 says:

    Dumb asses unite!!!!
    People agenst Gay anything are quickly being to go out of style and pretty soon everyone who's mature will start bullying and laughing at those agents… I can't wait for lol, because the only people who really have any sorts of problems with being gay are those heavily sucked into religion who hold back society from maturing but one day we're all finally be like nope… You guys are the idiots I'm just fine hanging with my gay friend Geoff or Steve, John or David and really you guys are the bad guys here!!! That day is coming:)

  16. Tony Abraham says:

    no offense but you guys are like that..you blame the lady before actually hearing her side out.

  17. John Doman says:

    Sum up of this video:
    "LOL that woman is sooooo dumb for missing her dad."

  18. suhail ahmad says:

    I don't know why the jkn team are so shocked. The way they responded is as though it was the most heinous crime of the century (when it is not).

  19. J Teng says:

    Christianity man, why you gotta fuck shit up? Jesus was probably gay.

  20. GamingSupernov A says:

    Taryn Southern 0:33 the dildo wisperer (look on the left)

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