Women and Sports

Monday, December 26, 2016

Women, Culture, and Society Course
I am basing my presentation on the prospective roles of women in “men sports”. Women playing sports, mainly “men sports” such as soccer, football, and hockey was not allowed. The smallest thought of it was unimaginable, while the presently the story is different. In modern day, sports have become more modernize, just like technologies, women are seen in various competitions and such success can be seen in the Olympics game. I chose the following 5 articles based on the topics that related to the opinions, progress, and the establishment of women in sports. The article, Challenge and Conformity on “Contested Terrain”: Images of Women in Four Women’s Sport/Fitness Magazines is a sports women magazine evaluating the progress of acceptance as well as the rejection of women in sports by evaluating the differences between both genders in terms of physical ability to play sports. In Perspectives of Women College Athletes on Sport and Gender, I will try to focus more on the behaviors that still feels inappropriate in sports in regards to females being seen as weak. The article describes the characteristics in which what is needed to be a “perfect athlete”. Teaching athletics and gender: A Pedagogical Narrative talks about the same exact issues on the gender roles in sports, having more insight on what techniques women are expected to perform, while also being burgeon by media attention, who are amazed to women playing sports criticizing as well as speculating at such phenomena. The information provided in Tomboys, Dykes, and Girly Girls: Interrogating the Subjectivities of Adolescent Female Athletes discusses how sports are seen as a men’s sport and women involvement is not approved. The article discusses the whole effect culture norms sets our mind and establishes a whole concept of what is seen as what is right and not. Women decide to take action and fight for what they believe should be their right to play sports. The article, Gender, Power, and Sports views on women’s impact in sports. From a local to a global positive impact, the article establishes the improvement on women’s sports and the modernized view we have on it, presently.

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