Women Live According To Magazines For A Week

Friday, July 14, 2017

I’m all about a hot style tip that takes under a minute…But at what cost?

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  1. Cinna Gresham says:

    Wow Lara, You're so special and different because you can't have sex!?

  2. Nina Helena says:

    ugh they are so pessimistic …. like yes there are problems with magazines articles and not every article is for everyone but like calm down you are just working out at home or wearing a new thing or take a photo

  3. angelica acac says:

    I feel like Chrissy is being pushed on to EVERY girl video buzz feed is pumping out. It is SO annoying!!

  4. Katie Fleming says:

    Everyone saying Lara needs to stop complaining clearly has no experience with chronic disease and chronic pain

  5. Taylor Gagnon says:

    Sheridan is so pretty ?

  6. Michaela Hooks says:

    I love these videos

  7. Stevanie Mead says:

    The comment at 3:18 so true. I had a guy in my life who was older who jackhammered that created issues in my cervix which are still ongoing. If something does not feel right, stop it at that moment.

  8. Vittoria Conti says:

    sheridan is queen✋?✋?

  9. Maggie McLaughlin says:

    Kuwilileni's voice is so soothing!

  10. Y/N says:

    Do people actually do things that magazines tell them to?

  11. paris v says:

    I remember reading seventeen magazines because I liked reading the funny stories at the end. then I started reading the tips and I'd just get so upset because I would think I don't need you to tell me dafuq I need to do and I stoped subscribing ?

  12. Stephanie Gour says:

    Sheridan's skin always looks so glowy and gorgeous!

  13. Selma Eliassen says:

    Leadership surround nearby timing dramatic portray sale and/or cloth

  14. Kristi Dixon says:

    does anyone else think that the Burnet woman in this video looks like Stephanie Meyer? I love Buzzfeed yellow and really love the name change to Boldly

  15. Eleonore Bon says:

    I don't by a magazine to look at slobs with greasy hair and no makeup. I buy magazines for inspiration and to look at nice things. If I want to see a slob, I can just look in the mirror.

  16. Susan Leifker says:

    Sheridan is so pretty ?

  17. Stephanie J says:

    Sheridan's apartment is so cute! Love that desk behind her when she's working out.

  18. Sophie ______ says:

    Sheridan reminds me of naya rivera

  19. Aanna Wilton K says:

    i still hate lara's voice…

  20. Pretty Squared says:

    Sheridan is such a beautiful girl I love her facial features lol

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