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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Womens fashion is always the highlight of girl talk and coffee shop conversations.
Hence, it is a big part of our women’s magazine – http://pulppaperpress.com/
Women love talking about womens dresses, womens shoes and womens boots.
Buying womens fashion online is a huge trend in today’s eCommerce era.
Our women’s magazine talks about fashion and a lot more trending topics which women enjoy reading and sharing.
Womens clothing is quite popular so we have a whole section on womens fashion for the savvy , classy, fashionable women of today.

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  1. Pulp PaperPress says:

    Hey all – thanks for the lovely comments. I am glad everyone's loving the vid + site .

  2. MrHealthyreviews says:

    i got my woman into your site,, sweet vid too

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    Lol!! xD

  4. Pulp PaperPress says:

    Thanks Jerry. We enjoy working on the site too.

  5. Jerry Koh says:

    This is a great site! Enjoy what you put there.

  6. Pulp PaperPress says:

    Thanks =D Glad you liked our womens fashion mag. Stay tuned for more cool videos.

  7. luisa menezes says:

    Love Your Site!

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