World Economy : Chart shows similarities between 1929 Stock Market Crash and Today (Feb 17, 2014)

Monday, October 3, 2016


News Articles:

Scientist Predicts 60% Market Collapse

Scary 1929 market chart gains traction

Stunning Chart: Today’s Stock Market is Eerily Reminiscent of 1929…

Stunning Chart: Today’s Stock Market is Eerily Reminiscent of 1929…

Is the Stock Market Repeating the 1929 Run Up to the Great Depression?

As Sochi Starts, 1929 Stock Market Crash Warnings Accelerate

A 1929 stock market crash comparison to today’s stock market chart

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  1. soundslikebstome says:

    they say history repeats itself!

  2. djdarklyceum says:

    glenn beck is a hack. its funny to him because he has millions in the bank that he can take out. what a sham of a person.

  3. Discerning King says:

    Yeah ill give you a GUESS… 
    Monday September 14, 2015.. 

  4. Raz Black says:

    I think the drop will be much much higher… remember before the fed pumped money into the market where it was at?.. around 6500!!!, did they let the market correct itself like it did in the 1930's?  nope.  my guess it will be either under 5000, or a total  loss.

  5. jerome2022 says:

    SELL SELL SELL!!! Close your IRA's Get your money out now!

  6. pauljb07 says:

    The fiat currency can't go on forever, we all know this. Invest your savings in something tangible, and hope the top of the pyramid doesn't take it anyway.

  7. 64jobeth says:

    thinking its funny is a bit of a worry.sounds like they have been told to play it down and they have gone over the top to do that. bankers suicide, now this chart. Im glad Im prepped up. anything bec says you can be sure the opposite will happen 

  8. mainmotto says:

    What's so funny??? This country is about to die :(

  9. Raymond7779 says:

    Notice how the mainstream media totally blows this off.  May not happen exactly on this time line, but a "market correction" of likely more than 33% is coming relatively soon. 

  10. V4VOLUNTARYISM says:

    WE Don't have a Banking CRISIS??? Really??? So tell me why 4 TOP Elite Bankers that work for Deutsche bank and JP Morgan the LARGEST bank in America so-called Suicided Themselves in a one week period and One of them being shot 8 Times with a " AIR powered Nail Gun "!!!  NOT to mention Also had one of the largest Fines in US History and was just caught MANIPULATING the Foreign Metals Exchange Markets AKA GOLD&Silver and other precious metals which in my opinion they were KILLED so They can NOT testify in court!!!  

  11. NewJerusalem says:

    This and a slew of World Bankers and Exec's mysteriously dead, over the last few weeks, very interesting. 

  12. Louis Lee says:

    Obama disliked this video

  13. mcamcay says:

    are you on holidays?

  14. z3219825 says:

    are you OK

  15. See Canon says:

    And here I thought Barry and Killary cared about my health but they want to talk it away. Away you headache! Thanks David.

  16. Mr Cut Folks says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed!! Please never stop the great work your doing!!

  17. Michael-Paul Marasse says:

    thank you Sir David.

  18. Pollux Chung says:

    The stock markets are in extreme drug highs.

  19. Hurst Shiftin says:

    can't even afford to live anymore

  20. mark martin says:

    We have been printing $ since the mid 1980's so …… Keep Printing !!! It sounds crazy but it's working !!!

  21. Henrik Wallin says:

    The central banks want to continue with QE as long as possible. Who wouldn't LOVE to buy up a lot of assets for money that you can just print (in a computer)? Almost any company or organization with that power would take that opportunity.

    So people who own Japanese stocks exchange them for Yen which is backed up by BoJ and their huge holdings of treasuries and stocks. Why? You're getting an index fond, basically.

    It's even worse in USA where the big banks borrow money for free and then buy S&P-500 without any risk what so ever, as they can always tell Fed to lower the value of the dollar if the stock prices go down. So of course people want to own stocks instead of the dollar. The dollar can fall, but the S&P-500 can't. It just can't as the Fed will not allow it.

    There is nothing wrong with a currency pegged to the stock market, but there IS something wrong when some banks are basically taking over the entire stock market by paying in soon to be worthless currency. I would say: short the dollar and go long in the S&P-500 and you can't lose unless the system changes in an unlikely way.

  22. Mr99RICH99 says:

    Dave , this is why u say this game will just go on and on and on and on !!

  23. Christian McMahon says:

    Banks are vacuuming up all assets why would they want it to end?

  24. Marie Joy says:

    Hang bankers.

  25. Stu Pedass says:

    Saturday, 16 07 16 or 777 watch to see what happens and it willn't be ?Canada a little south from there.

  26. d8d8 says:

    Bankruptcies are always better then bail-outs.

  27. John Barleycorn says:

    Another home run, shared.

  28. Bruce Wayne says:

    Megadeth is not just a band name…

  29. CJNews 1983 says:


  30. Hafidz Hazaki says:

    I don't understand why is it bad. How else can they inject money into the economy besides purchasing bonds or stocks.

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