World War II Documentary

Saturday, August 27, 2016

World War II Document. This shows the gruesome parts of World War II
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  1. Fr Louie Goad says:

    The time of death is soon to return. 2017. Worse than ever seen in all time!

  2. eric zhu says:


  3. Johnny “Gino” La Rue says:

    Satan's world death and destruction to mankind

  4. Toaster Pastry says:

    The Tokyo gas and electric company manufactured a large amount of firearms for Japan. The should have mentioned that.

  5. EfiAgel says:

    The only person you should fight is the one who orders you to fight, to kill. Even though we are claimed to be educated we are still that stupid to fight each other for the growth of wealth of other people.

  6. 张强 says:


  7. ChaiTea says:

    what about new zealand?

  8. liz c says:

    I am convinced Donald trump is the new hitler

  9. Jacob's Patience says:

    I think hitler should go to china!

  10. Andrew Gala says:

    Poland invasion made allies

  11. 7bou candyland says:

    my great grandma was in world war 2 and she is still alive 2016

  12. Mike France says:

    The jews maybe should not have declared war on Germany first…

  13. Dave Matthews says:

    Just imagine what the world could accomplish, If we only worked together, hell even for a a year or a month, the world would be such a better place.

  14. Fahad Ali says:

    fuck trillion times each and every jews of the world..
    world needs another hitler.

  15. I en Lighten says:

    Mankind manifests its own suffering by not understanding the consequences of its beliefs

  16. Captain Ron says:

    I'm thinking of how ironic it is that at the start of WWII the Americans were reluctant to participate in the war. Attitudes have changed a little since then, haven't they?

  17. John Tuffy says:

    kill all humans

  18. xNexyNek says:

    Hitler started world war 2

  19. Mackenzie Plumridge says:

    I hope manuel neuer knows a bout ww2

  20. Mackenzie Plumridge says:

    I hope manuel neuer knows a bout ww2

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