Worst Texting While Driving Accident Ever

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I dont own the rights to this video i just saw it on facebook and decided to upload it to Youtube since i couldnt find it on here. All i know is this footage was taken by a state trooper. Scary to see the dangers of texting while driving.
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  1. Leslie Olmos says:

    Stupid people these days

  2. Tori Tevlin says:


  3. Jesse s says:

    STOP trying to scare people! I've seen this video in everyone's crash compilation. Still no proof it was due to texting considering the street.

  4. Rick DeWitt says:

    Didn't know Russia had Staters…

  5. The Unblinking Eye (Sam Wolf) says:

    by the way; it is here on YouTube. (several times over) – And they weren't texting; they lost control due to black ice/snow after all results came in, that's what happened. It was a fatal collision.

  6. MrJ Pink says:

    Did he dead?

  7. Arwa S says:

    I would call the hospital

  8. AR15UZI says:

    Its possible the driver could have been texting, but based on what I am seeing in the video I would say this accident was caused by driving too fast for road conditions.

  9. Dennis Pryor says:

    Okg if nobodys is dying it can wait u idiots

  10. moe ridesKTM says:

    Thank god I'm in America with medians 3 lanes wide

  11. Caz Man 360 says:

    This was not a texting accident, they simply wanted to pass and lost control leading to the big crash.

  12. thegatesofsleep says:

    Also.. If you see right before the vehicle looses control there's a hill approach. Many many drivers increase their speed in that section and it polishes the snow on the road into extremely slippery ice. It's common sense. This wasn't the result of texting and driving. I'm 99% positive. Still, don't text and drive. 

  13. thegatesofsleep says:

    This isn't texting and driving… Not one bit. The driver was passing and gave it too much throttle resulting in the wheels breaking loose. The driver then sideswiped the truck and bounced into oncoming. Anyone that has had winter driving experience knows this.

  14. Loyalty Rage says:

    And that kids is why you don't text and drive. 

  15. chuckyko says:

    shyguyshawn Your "state trooper footage" theory is bullshit.  That's not English those people are talking, it's Russian.

  16. MichaelJackson4Ever says:

    how could they tell if this was from texting and driving? they were a little far to see if the driver in the other car was texting, plus it was also snowing and there could've been a piece of black ice on the road and the car could have slipped on it and the driver of the car lost control of his car I'm not saying that happened but these kinds of car accidents can occur with texting and driving

  17. Lewis Lopez says:

    He was more upset he couldn't take his phone to the after life.

  18. Mike Blue's Videos says:

    That's not good

  19. xSharky says:

    Omg that car was ran completely over by that truck:(

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