Writing a journal paper

Friday, June 14, 2019

The presentation explores the content of a journal paper regarding its form, structure and content. Presentation related documents can be found under this link:
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  1. Amr Alkamel says:

    Thank you so much. Great and detailed information are quickly provided.

  2. mosothoanemb says:

    wow Dr Shady Attia!! this is exactly what i wanted to hear, I can now start with my paper. Thank you so much

  3. ibit eightbit says:

    Dr. Attia: can i use IEEE style for a journal publication? or should i go back to APA. personally i think IEEE is much more convenient.

  4. hwichool says:

    Thank you

  5. Siphe Potelwa says:

    I would like to thank you very much, I was not clear about structure of journal article. Now its for me to write, journal article is my PhD requirement.

  6. Engr Saad Fareed says:

    Indeed a very helpful video for researchers and scientists..Thanks A lot..God bless you.

  7. Syeda Hina Kausar says:

    i really say thanks to you for making such a wonderful video regarding this topic. it is v useful for the researchers like me.
    please make another video on how to publish a paper in unpaid journals with high impact factor. thanks.

  8. Najib Jamshidi says:

    you are doing well professor!

  9. Mona ALi says:

    How great… I am so glad that I ended up here today…your presentation gave me more direction and structure… I am a PhD student in Belgium.

  10. trijezdci says:

    I put the computer's volume up to 100% and still can hardly hear you. Too much of an impediment to follow the video. You might want to check your audio, fix and repost.

  11. Limited Edition says:

    من اروع الفديوهات . العرض منظم وواضح ابداع

  12. The GS' World says:

    Resourceful work

  13. Aqib Mumtaz says:

    Please share Paper link presented at 5:21

  14. 皮诺曦 says:

    Hello,Shady Attia, I am the editor of the traditional medicine research journal (TMR).The Academic video you uploaded on YouTube is very rich and attractive. I want to apply to you and get your permission.I want to download from YouTube and upload them to the TMR website and App.We especially hope that you will agree. You do not need to do any extra work, we will retains all original author information, not for commercial purposes, does not re-release the video on the tubing (specifically translated video), just to help researchers to learn better.
    I am looking forward to your reply.

  15. Carol Zwelibanzi says:

    Prof Attia

    Thank you so much for the lecture on how to write a journal article. I have just obtained my doctorate in education. I am struggling to write my first journal whichis taken from my thesis. My external examiner indicated that 5 papers can be produced from my thesis. I have started with one article. Your lecture is very insightful. So wish you could give a lecture on how to write articles from one's thesis.

    Warm regards
    Dr Zwelibanzi

  16. Alain MM says:

    Wonderful! It´s exactly the information I was looking for. Many thanks for upploading the video!

  17. Cedric Mpaso says:

    Thanks Dr Shady Attia for the thorough presentation, I've learnt a lot.

  18. Rahul Khan says:

    Very nice

  19. sundyCoder says:

    good work! BTW, where can I download the PPT?

  20. Alhassan Alattar says:

    الله ينور عليك ماشاء الله اسلوب سهل و جميل

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