Writing A Sellable Article

Monday, June 5, 2017

If you are the one who is looking for a job as freelance article writer or for any company or website on salary bases, then this article will definitely help you to find one for you. The tips and suggestions given in this article may not be new for a veteran writer, but those who want to start their career as a writer these tips will certainly do them the favor.

Basics of Writing

For anyone who wants to become a writer the knowledge of basics is very vital. Each an every publisher, client or editor who hire you will expect a good level of writing response from you. You need to have a good control over your grammatical skills. If you are weak in grammar than becoming a writer may not be suitable for you. Remember, there is no compulsion for a writer to have a college degree with major in English. If you have strong grammatical skills and you think you can impress the client than go ahead.

Style of Writing

Your style of writing is also very important. But being a writer, you have to follow the instructions of your client. No doubt there are thousands of writing styles in English writing and each style has its own particularity, but your client wants you to write in the style which suits his requirement. It is important to have a clear idea about your readers, so ask your client about the readers information, such as either the articles are for professional or an average person. Remember, style always matter.

Power Words

Articles are of different types. It all depends on your client that what sort of articles he wants you to write for him. Articles should always be attractive and interesting to read and for that you have to make use of words carefully. Power words, professional writers may be aware of this term, but for those who are new to writing, it is important to understand the concept of power words. For instance, if your write, West Palm Beach Florida has plenty of hotels to choose from, this seems to be a perfect sentence from grammatical point of view but the thing lacking in it is attraction. It is not an eye-catching sentence at all. Consider this instead, Scenic West Palm Beach in central Florida has an abundance of lavish, yet affordable, accommodations to choose from. The theme of the sentence is same but the impact it makes on readers mind is something unexplainable. Writing is the game of words.

Research Work

Sometimes your client wants you to write on the subject about which you have no knowledge. In that situation, you need to do some research work, in order to write and appropriate article for your client. For instance, you are given to write on an automotive industry. Your client must have knowledge about the industry and for this reason you have to do enough research on the topic before starting writing on the subject.

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