Writing Feature Articles with Elementary School Students

Friday, April 12, 2019

BPW 1.6


  1. Katarzyna Wawrzeniuk says:

    Hmmmm interesting🤔☺🙂

  2. Tyler Newman says:

    Utilize >.<


    Do not coin verbs by adding this tempting suffix. Many good and useful verbs do end in -ize: summarize, fraternize, harmonize, fertilize. But there is a growing list of abominations: containerize, prioritize, finalize, to name three. Be suspicious of -ize; let your ear and your eye guide you. Never tack -ize onto a noun to create a verb. Usually you will discover that a useful verb already exists. Why say “utilize” when there is the simple, unpretentious word use

    Strunk and White

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