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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Are you an aspiring travel writer? We asked some of the world’s top travel editors for their pitching, editing and writing advice. Here’s what they had to say for themselves. For more tips, see ‘Self-editing skills for travel bloggers’ on SlideShare, which was presented at the most recent TBEX conference by our Deputy Editor for lonelyplanet.com, Emma Sparks: http://lptravel.to/iJwG1q

Thanks to:

Tom Hall – Editorial Director, Lonely Planet
James Kay – Editor, lonelyplanet.com
Peter Grunert – Editor, Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine
Paula Froelich – Editor in Chief, Yahoo Travel
Lyn Hughes – Editor, Wanderlust Magazine

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  1. Brandon Alexander says:

    Some crazy stories of international travel right here journeys-insights.com

  2. Christopher Perry says:

    funckin' son of a bitch, no kidding. I didn't know that bothered you so much. did the industry get any better because of this peace?

  3. Christopher Perry says:

    What ever happened to, The hotel Mini-Bar? I worked room service for a fine hotel once, my job was, mini-bar attendant. In charge of restocking, store inventory, baudget balancing, submittals to accounting, and of course, display and refurbishing of neccessary accompaniments. Ice buckets, glass ware, order sheets, … . Lets bring back, The Mini-Bar, and I have some great ideas as to, how.

  4. Christopher Perry says:

    How do I find the page to make the 100 word pitch?

  5. ElfHighMage says:

    I WANT TO DO THIS AND I WANT TO START NOW!!! I have journalism experience (no education in it though) and a veteran traveler. Just one problem: how to fund my business.

  6. Christopher Perry says:

    I`ve been thinking travel writing & food photography, my beginner strategy? Write local.

  7. Christopher Perry says:

    Don't focus on the hotel? I worked 7 years in hotel sales, and I agree. I hated pitching the hotel, much to the demise of General Managers and psudeo in house competition. Mountain view or ocean view? Always asked, then surcharge depending on guests needs, not the wants of the hotel, makes for  better yeild management strategy.

  8. Ashis Ghatak says:

    too much of sound makes it so difficult to follow

  9. Wendy Nuttall says:

    I find the music over powering the words. Great Tips Thanks

  10. Gucci says:


  11. Gucci says:

    Love you bby 😉 <3

  12. r v says:

    jataana bhi nahi aata satana bhi nahi aata humein tumsay mohobbat hai batana bhi nahi aata

  13. Ashley Alexander says:

    Are there any college degrees that a person interested in travel writing/editing should pursue?

  14. Bruce Murray says:

    We can all become travel writers, pushing down the cost that publishers have to pay for content!!!

  15. Rosário Cardoso says:

    Very insightful video. But please next time turn down the volume of the background music, please. The last segment of the video was really difficult to understand.

  16. videowilliams says:

    "Cities are always vibrant and markets are always bustling and views are always breathtaking." So true!

  17. Tattered Passport says:

    Haha absolute gold… But good advice never-the-less.
    One Life, One Search,
    Peace Out,

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