YouTube Thoughts: Political Commentary (ft. The Right Opinion)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Personally I’m not very political, however here are some of my thoughts on Political Commentary and it’s relationship with YouTube. I also recruited The Right Opinion for this one since, my knowledge in this field leaves quite a bit to be desired.

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YouTube Thoughts: Political Commentary (ft. The Right Opinion)
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  1. RRabbits says:


  2. Artem Protectron says:

    You gained plus 100 more respect from me.

    -from a qualified shitlord

  3. Futonrevolution says:

    Human politics might be uninteresting to a shark, but where do you stand on Attuma the Breaker of Oceans vs. Namor the Sub-Mariner for the Atlantean throne?

  4. Fidel Cashflow says:

    You showed Steve, you are now blocked by Steve. Welcome to the club.

  5. RandomiZer says:

    Extremely Glad you're now starting to get involved a bit more with the community and also glad that you're now starting to do collaborations. Never the less Great video!

  6. Wallace Collins says:

    Never thought I'd see a collab on this channel.

    This video is now property of Ernie Gang™

  7. Adam Baldwin says:

    Shark, there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. Politicians, all they do is pick one side to take on mostly trivial matters, so that you're either with them or against them. Their major platform policies don't actually matter, because they're largely the same; even when they differ, the outcome is the same: the working class is fucked (oh damn, I used a comma, semi-colon, AND colon in ONE sentence!). They want people to get enraged in meaningless debates like abortion (regardless of your opinion, there's absolutely no reason why it should be mandated at the national level) and social/economic policies (all social policies, regardless of the subject, are in fact economic matters, because SHIT COSTS MONEY). So as long as they can portray each other as for/against something that people love/hate, they can distract the average idiot from the fact that it's a system designed to keep the elite class in power and the working class working. It's all just noise, busywork. They're the same thing in a different disguise.

    Even "conservatives" don't represent conservatives anymore, they don't represent people who want a drastically smaller government, they lobby for regulations that are favorable to existing corporations at the expense of market competition. And likewise, modern "liberals" have nothing to do with classical liberalism, they'd rather impose upon the rights of others in the name of progressivism than stand for personal freedom. That's why I hate political labels (and politics in general), because they're all twisted and abused to make things sound like something that they're not. Both sides use them for their own agendas rather than trying to actually have a coherent debate.

  8. Adam Baldwin says:

    Wait, was that flat Earth video removed from your channel? I haven't seen it. I knew the Earth was flat! And if Shark says so, then it must be true!

  9. [ ] says:

    Ya forgot my boy Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk

  10. Brandon W says:

    Is the background music Mac Miller’s Donald trump beat?

  11. It's the Commulists! says:

    Sargon of Akkad


    Good one

  12. AngryChimp says:

    Two of my favourite commentators in a one video, today is a good day. Glad job lads ?

  13. Brutus Mars says:

    Extreme leftists are making extreme rightists
    Extreme rightists (with the aid of the extreme left media making things sound even worse than they are) forge extreme leftists.
    Extremism of any kind is not very helpful in a democracy.


  14. roblox girlfriend # 4 says:

    I like how your playing donald trump in the background

  15. Jquinten says:

    The left has more videos of them being stupid because alt right videos are taken down because they usually go against YouTube guide lines. It’s not a truly accurate representation so the left gets shit because they don’t technically use hate speech but the right does.

  16. Obese Meme Productions says:

    Hey how did you get clown on your show

  17. moon ofchaos says:

    i love both the right opinion and the random shark so this was a perfect combo <3

  18. JordanTs9 says:

    My 2 favorite commentary channels cometegther for the crossover episode

  19. FunnyestKid says:

    6,666 subscribers. What does this mean

  20. Mr Radiance says:

    I think it speaks volumes about how divisive and how controversial having different political opinions can be due to the fact that that's skeptic community was most of them having avatars to hide identity

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