10 Amazing Kids Who Became Self-Made Millionaires

Sunday, March 4, 2018

When some kids are busy playing sports, or playing online games, these kids decided to make better use of their time. Proving that hard work and a little innovation can go a long way in a short time!
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When some kids are busy playing sports, or playing online games, these kids decided to make better use of their time. Proving that hard work and a little innovation can go a long way in a short time! From developing games and apps, to starting their own fashion labels, these are 10 amazing kids who became self-made millionaires.

When Mikaila Ulmer started studying bees at the age of 5, she noticed that they were starting to disappear. Worried about this, she decided to start her own lemonade company using her great grandmother’s 1940’s recipe. The catch is that she sweetens the lemonade with honey not sugar, and also donates portions of revenue to bee rescue foundations. In 2016, after appearing on ABC network’s “Shark Tank”, the now 11 year old secured an million dollar deal with Whole Foods. The market will now distribute her lemonade regionally, with the potential to go nation wide!

Nick D’Aloisio had his mind set on making millions before he even reached puberty. By the age of 15 D’Aloisio had already taught himself how to code, and was developing apps during his summer break. He was able to cash in on his talents when he developed the app “Trimit,” which helps trim down lengthy news articles. A Japanese investor saw the potential of the app, and gave D’Aloisio 0,000 in venture capital to perfect it. They went on to sell the end product “Summly” to Yahoo! for 0,000,000 dollars!

She may be the youngest millionaire on this list, but that only means she has even more time to make millions. Isabella Barrett is a 9 year old ex “Toddlers and Tiaras” star and she is already worth millions. The young ex pageant queen has millions of online followers, and is considered a successful businesswoman in her own right. Barrett has been able to use her social media influence to start 2 fashion brands named “Glitzy Girl” and “Bound By The Crown Couture.” Not only did she help develop the brand, but she also is a stakeholder in both companies. She is now predicted to be as big as the Olsen twins were in the 90’s.

John Koon from a young age understood the importance of making a profit, and thinking outside the box. When he was 16, he noticed New York City was missing something, so he opened NYC’s first auto parts business. He soon started making millions, and was even the main distributer or parts to the MTV show “Pimp My Ride.” Not wanting to limit himself to the auto market, Koon tried his hand at fashion when he launched a fashion line with rapper Young Jeezy. Koon made millions more with the fashion line, and set to make billions!

After realizing the scope of visually impaired people with the lack of access to Braille printers, 13-year-old Subham Banerjee took matters into his own hands. Wanting people who read in braille to have better access to Braille printers Banerjee designed a Braille printer out of Legos. The printer was so impressive it caught the eye of Intel, who invested millions into the printer. Banerjee now owns a multi-million dollar company “Braigo Labs Inc.” and still works on trying to find cost effective solutions for the Braille printer.

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