10 Times People Failed At Nail Art (1/3)

Friday, February 23, 2018

From Bubble nails to rainbow swirls, here are the 10 biggest nail art fails ever. Lol! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Nail art fails can be totally hilarious. After all, when there’s a nail art expectation and reality comparison, you can’t help but notice the glaring mistakes. There are so many beautiful examples of stunning nail art on Pinterest and Instagram that it can inspire many an amateur to have a go themselves. But like so many things that we try ourselves, DIY nail art is not easy. Sure, the pros make it look simple, especially when they share nail art tutorials, but the result can all too often be a nail art epic fail of huge proportions. Just like these 10 beauties we’ve found.

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  1. Joel Enriquez says:

    cause I'm a boy duh

  2. Joel Enriquez says:

    that's why I never paint my nails

  3. Tats H says:

    The opinions are quite harsh to be fair

  4. Aniya Staten says:

    Ratchet nails

  5. Zoe Howard says:

    The galaxy one was okay but where was the thumbnail that's why this channel annoying sometimes

  6. Cumorah Aiono says:

    Can you call me tomorrow when will you come swim lessons and I ever ever ever ever seen a good day and I ever seen in r I was just going I hope to see your face I want I will be in the loop and the party on Saturday morning I can you call Dad please have the money for my birthday is in a really really want I could but u you to be happy one is the best singer of just going to leave in

  7. LaceySings Songs says:

    I'm not hating but you're judging other peoples attempts

  8. Luna says:

    Quilting is literally so easy…

  9. KIRBY the savage says:

    3:05 … pinkie pie!!!

  10. Kara Lodge says:

    This video is a form of bullying because they tried there best and people don’t just become pros overnight they have to fail a few times before they become pros soooooo

  11. Suzy Draper says:


  12. Serenety Thompson says:

    All of them

  13. Shirley Mobley says:

    army ?

  14. comets & blueberries says:

    I watch nail art virtuosos for entertainment only 🙂

  15. Radioactivekitteh says:

    anyone else skip through? blog>vlog: nail pics

  16. bored hamster says:

    I'm very sorry but I tried eating my nails done it the thumbs-up button but I couldn't

  17. ohnoes says:

    The thumbnail was actually one time a style on Instagram, even simplynailogical did them.

  18. Lucy Tv says:

    1 is EWWW

  19. thatmidwestgirl livie2325 says:

    This video is kind of rude like at least they tried, Practice makes perfect…;)

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