10 upcoming Google Projects !

Friday, March 9, 2018

10 Google, Alphabet projects you might not know about. Subscribe for more similar contents. Share the video, Share the knowledge, highly appreciated 🙂

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5 Unique Gadgets you might not know about : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6XzGrFeLjA

Google Tips & Tricks : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3FC9dLri6o
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Intelligent machines are no longer science fiction and experts seem divided as to whether artificial intelligence should be feared or welcomed. In this video I explore a broad range AI research while attempting to envision a future where man and machine can coexist.

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  1. Arun Sr says:

    All the projects will not be disclosed..so we have to wait..

  2. bon chance says:

    Silence please, am trying to catch some sleep.

  3. Derpy Derp says:

    this video would be interesting if not that shitty soundtrack. Sorry, had to turn it off after a minute or so. Almost made me throw up.

  4. Abdul Rehman says:

    1: Delivery Drones
    2: Smart Contact lenses
    3: Internet-Beaming hot air balloon
    4: Cancer detection pills
    5: Internet beaming drones
    6: Cheetah robot
    7: Longer lasting batteries
    8: Giant genomics storing services
    9: Cure Death
    10: Artificial intelligence

  5. Fangirling109 says:

    Google needs to drop its projects and figure out how to bring Monika to life

  6. jess jesse says:

    2: and in txt editor you can rewritten the protocols sett off or on or called access or block denied functions! All simple tricks guys!

  7. jess jesse says:

    1: windows pc used an arduino uno printboard your hardware ! And software arduino in your yellow folder is how visualized it on your scrreen !

  8. jess jesse says:

    1: why google not inventing printboard to cleaning oceans ! Rescue nature ? Why are google obession by camera spying ? Easy dude?

  9. Oz El Coskuner says:

    If you want international subscription you have to you METRIC SYSTEM and CELSIUS degree like the (literally) all rest of the world. We are not measuring distances with our FEET anymore. It ended like a century ago. And Water freezes at 0 Celsius and boils at 100 Celsius.. and 1 Kilometer is 1000 meter.. so simple. USA lost a billion dollar satellite in Mars just because they made calculation with their FEET.

  10. Faustin Gashakamba says:

    What are "conjumer" electronics?

  11. md zihad says:


  12. পাপড়ীর পাতা দেখুন ও পরুন says:

    ossam city

  13. Sakib Abdullah says:


  14. akter hossain says:


  15. Moridul Evan says:


  16. NERO perfect says:


  17. Riad Islam says:


  18. nerob ahammed says:


  19. arup anik says:


  20. Bunny McBunnerson says:

    The machine music really doesn't sound that great to be honest, comparatively speaking of course, technically it's very good.

  21. MustardGaming 61 says:

    Seriously, why is Denmark so bad?

  22. Dexter ___ says:

    just dont make them waterproof and if shit goes crazy throw water on them lmao

  23. x x says:

    what if the universe is a giant quantum AI, where all the possible outcomes have and will happen, and we're all just complex representations of 0's and 1's

  24. Captain Chaos says:

    This is freaking scary

  25. Chip says:

    please send help

  26. Matthew Marn says:

    Humans are extremely bad at producing random sequences of numbers and other categories on things. Computers are inherently build on systems of numbers and this means even as we try in vain to randomly introduce AI to certain things in order to grow data sets that we can combine from different environments into one consciousness, it seems inevitable to me that we will still engrain patterns into AI.
    I think the most interesting attempt was to simply give AI programs access to a chat room and the internet and see if it can learn to communicate. Of course even humans coalesce behaviorally into stereotypical groups, so of course the AI became a racist memer hellbent on the eradication of the Jews. (Fun fact, it is scientific fact that social stereotyping is one of the most accurate and robust instruments for predicting the behaviors, proclivities, and likes/dislikes of another person).

  27. gar3d3r says:

    Its 2018 and Ive watched this vid like 10 times now.

  28. Insert Name Here says:

    Well shit il be 40 to 70 when ai becomes sentient


  29. Eric crow says:

    Awesome just awesome!!

  30. Sunil Narine says:

    Let the AI take humanity further by killing ourselves and spread the word across the universe about his creators………..Let us all R.I.P. forever………no war, no hatred, no rich, no poor…………just fucking AI. Yeah baby I want not only AI but also Artificial fucking general intelligence……………………………………………or we can simple merge with AI or lets just upgrade our already existing fucking brain with some sort for external quantum processor. We dont need AI at all. Let us use AI to create that quantum processor and lets fuse in our brain and then kill the fucking AI……….We dont need AI at all cuz we will become superior race in the universe and rule all the galaxies…………………………………………………………………………………..Fuck all the aliens out there playing hide and seek with us not showing its true identity. inner peace, inner peace……………………………..

  31. Gandalfwiz2007 says:

    People believe the earth is flat, so yeah, most of humanity suffer from lack of intelligence

  32. vapoo99 says:

    I'm afraid this video was made by an AI

  33. DinoRex says:

    Can you do Top 10 Facts – Doki Doki Literature Cllub?

  34. Hilavitkutin says:

    Love your jokes about Danish! ;D

  35. ags0004 says:

    First of all I loved this video. Very well done focusing on real topics instead of just jumping into the usual AI hate bandwagon we see out there, where people criticise AI and don't even know anything about the subject. So you did a very good job!

    Just some things regarding neural nets. First of all, Deep Neural Networks' processing grows exponentially as we increase the amount of hidden layers. No matter how fast computers ever get, growing and scaling Neural Networks will never be possible. No matter how fast processors get, exponential will always mean exponential. Doesn't mean we could not one day use a single 10cm cpu to run the entire Google DeepMind. But if it was growing constantly we definitely couldn't. This is something called Computer Complexity Theory and it's good because It makes us understand that even machines have their limits, usually dictated by Maths. Even processors have limits due to overheat, interference and power consumption.

    Also, no matter how amazing Neural Networks are, they are nothing more than a program running multiplications, sums and applying functions. A NeuralNetwork will only improve itself if it was programmed to do so and it can't do anything outside this, like, overriding it's programming. (Unless you assign another NeuralNet that can program, which I think It already exists, to reprogram and replace the existing DeepMind. But then again, you were the one designing it to). And this is actually the real core of AI: they are still programs, in these cases, mathematical models that work exactly as you tell them to. It's stil the programmers who set the input and output neurons. What they use as input and output is their responsibility.

    And DeepNeural Nets need colossal amounts of data (which google has) and converge VERY, VERY, VERY slowly. So training a neural network the size of DeepMind takes years to reach a feasible state and may take days to make a slight change in the network.

    We still struggle a little with processing power in order to ship affordable robots with Deep Neural Networks (and we may even never be able to do so) because they are essentially exponential. But maybe one day we may find a solution or something even better than Neural Networks.

  36. Swag Feather says:

    I somehow figured that the “human gibberish” was danish.

    It’s danish, isn’t it?

  37. Inspired Beauty Young says:

    Very true and deep metaphor

  38. Professional Offender says:

    Dear lemmino, why do you hate Denmark?

  39. SquareRootOf2 says:

    I don't think we should confuse clever programming and AI. Deep Blue will never play GO or attempt to learn to play GO or anything else.

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