A Message to Breitbart from Weather.com

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Note to Breitbart: Earth is not cooling, climate change Is real and please stop using our video to mislead Americans.

Full article here: https://weather.com/news/news/breitbart-misleads-americans-climate-change?cm_ven=T_WX_CD_120616_2


  1. dre Molenaar says:

    Time to delete this video i guess hahahaha 2017/2018 fucked this message up bammm

  2. Austin Adjutant says:

    Give this lady a raise

  3. Adam Blackler says:

    muh opinion tho

  4. MailOrderClone says:

    Leave it to the Weather Channel to bring the heat.

  5. Ryan Sharp says:

    Global warming is a obvious hoax.

  6. LukasG2004 says:


  7. In Cognito says:

    Al Gore said we would be flooded by melting ice caps, didn't happen,the University of East Anglia got caught telling the worlds colleges how to put in false information into the weather equations to make it look like we were warming when they knew we were not,They could no longer use "GLOBAL WARMING" and so they switched to "CLIMATE CHANGE".Well you ugly agenda driven socialist piece of ca-ca…the climate has been changing since the planet formed.When the glaciers melt back in South America theres wildflowers and grass under them.When hurricanes hit there were hurricanes that have hit there before .The power mad agenda driven elites have developed a religion to enslave the world and the Weather Channel has picked up the mantle and joined the cult full bore tits first.

  8. Hi Man says:

    climate clown troll city………i like it when scientists and experts think for me then i claim critical thinking…..lol ……..RESEARCH EXPERTS GET IT WRONG AND A WHOLE NEW WORLD COMES INTO SIGHT

  9. Hi Man says:

    Yea all you so called scientist stand up an show your face, bring your data and so you can be lumped in or out of the con-census frame work of acceptability…….then y'all talk about how PLANETARY GEO-ENGINEERING BY GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATE ENTITIES SPRAYING THE SKY DAILY IS TRAPPING THE HEAT AND CAUSING HUMAN AND ANIMAL SICKNESS

  10. Jesus is the Truth says:

    1. lol
    2. fake world….pure animations. proof nothing
    3. clearly the scientist from HAARP aren't sharing their activities with her. lol
    4. wake up lady and the 5K likes.
    5. reg people aren't messing up the world.
    governments are with their whether control technologies.

  11. andy hasi says:

    im coold i need a blanked

  12. J T says:

    Climate change has been around for billions of years and no animal or man has ever had an effect on it.

  13. J T says:

    Man cannot heat up the planet no more than he can cool it off…. it’s called Mother Nature for a reason you dumbass liberal tree hugging Neanderthals!

  14. J T says:

    The Weather Channel can’t get the Weather right 72 hours from now, why the fuck would I trust them to tell me when global warming started or when it’s going to end… because they don’t have a fucking clue!

  15. J T says:

    Global Warming is real… but if you think for one minute it’s man made you and the Weather Channel are dumber than a bucket of shit!

  16. Hunter Webber says:

    El nino 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. jeffersonSnodgrass says:

    Breitbart is a Tulane grad who partied his way through school, woke up one day angry about how he wasted his parents money partying in New Orleans on the pretense he was studying. Fights liberals everyday now because he thought he was a liberal in college. Breitbart is possibly the worst political analyst the western world has ever been gifted and a major lesson in how not to proceed after drinking yourself silly at college.

  18. Alex Watson says:

    Right. Sorry government funded weather people. Thank for repeating what some other government funded “scientist” told you.

  19. TheJimmykicker says:

    Interesting. I will say one thing here. I don’t think most people dispute global climate change. I don’t. It’s natural. It’s happened so many times over and over. Note the lady only stated that it was occurring. She didn’t state it’s “man-made” climate change….that’s where all the politics come in and the disagreement. Do I think humans contribute? Sure. To what degree? I’d guess very little impact. And if we were, it’s arrogant and laughable to think we will destroy the earth. It’ll be around after we are long dead as a species. If the earth gets tired of our shit, it’ll take care of us and keep on keeping on….

  20. Robert Stowers says:

    Whether the Earth is warming or cooling, the debate isn't that it is doing either, it is if man is causing it to the degree (pun!) it really matters.  That is the core of the argument.   The Earth has warmed and cooled for eons.  Long before man ever stepped foot on the planet.

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