Are we too Materialistic?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The worry that we are too materialistic is an inevitable one in modern consumer society. The answer, surprisingly, is that there are better and worse versions of materialism. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):
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“It doesn’t seem to make sense to suggest that there might be such a thing as ‘good materialism’: after all, surely materialism is just plain bad? When people want to pinpoint the root cause of corruption in our age, they generally only need to point the finger at our attachment to material things. We’re apparently sick because we’re so materialistic…”

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People love to travel, and the travel industry is booming, thanks in part to the ever-increasing facility of booking travel, and also to the plethora of travel sites that are continuing to pop up. Additionally, the continued upward swing of mobile usage means that booking exotic stays away from home are literally as easy as reaching into your pocket and pulling out your phone. Brad Wilson, general manager at Travelocity at Expedia, Inc., talks to iMedia about how consumer behavior has dramatically changed the travel landscape.

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  1. Eren says:

    Why do you use such a hard and complex languages? You have non-native speaker audience, too. When I watch your videos I am like "yes it's time to study some English vocabulary…"LOL.

  2. Anya Kaz says:

    Why do you even need to mention fairy tales in such video?

  3. klumpy666 says:

    Yes there is materialism in the catholic church but it has nothing to do with Christianity. Its weird that you think that Catholics speak for all Christians.

  4. Ted cox says:

    You'll enjoy your life more if you stop buying things that you do not need. Jewelry, clothes, cars, oversized homes. It's actually uplifting to realize that these things are not important to you. No object represents who you are. If you let these items influence your opinion of your worth you have taken the bait.

  5. Au Andrew says:

    It is hard not to be materialistic. The economy is addicted to it. And people judge you with what you buy.

  6. Carlos Veritas says:

    Either with good intentions (maybe), there are terrible distorsiona in this video. First big mistake is in the materialism concept being confused with greed. And then focusing the rest on a twisted conflict with spiritualism, which is also a concept that you got confused with some of its by-products, like religion. Perhaps we all need to start figuring out which concepts are fundamental principles (fixed / binary / dominating its own realm) vs the many others that can be seen as values (the variables that we can balance to meet principles).

  7. Ai Fan says:

    I bought the pessimist's umbrella, and the badge "cheerful despair". ?

  8. loopba says:

    Christmas is Gods way of determining who goes to Hell. Basically anyone participating in the commercial aspect. Already proven to lead to eternity in hell. The whole video goes to shit at 3:10

  9. Sharukhan l says:

    Alain de Botton and Dr Zakir Naik should have an interesting argument that I'd love to witness

  10. Edward Pierce says:

    Bro this is ❤️✌?

  11. tiffany ponce says:

    why make a video that explains how people look for material that is of value to them and then try selling things that people don't need or probably don't want to begin with? don't You think this is a little contradicting?

  12. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    hmm… I don't believe it is about the objects at all. If I own a lawn mower and share when it is is needed by my neighbors, is completely different than owning a yard full of lawnmowers – such that I have no room for a lawn.

    Materialism, at the fundamental level, is about the balance of individualism and community. Individuals need to fight for their rights, for themselves. At the same time, every individual is a member of many communities, families (at least two in most cases), friends, co-workers, various levels of religion, government, corporations, etc. Each community is also an individual, which must "look out for number 1". As individuals we need find a healthy balance between extremes of individual materialism, which serves no-one, not even ourselves. extremes of sharing or giving everything away, which leaves us with nothing and can leave others dependent on us, rather than on their own individuality.

    Every multi-cellular organism consists of individuals and community, and must maintain a healthy balance or die. Every anthill, every beehive is a community of self-interested individuals, serving a self-interested community. Every tree in the forest is an individual that benefits when other plants thrive closer – and benefits when it can encourage other plants to live closer. At the same time, it is in competition for nourishment, for materials…
    to your health, tracy
    Founder: Healthicine.

  13. комиссар из чееки брееки says:

    It depends. Spending your money on an item that will bring you happiness and pleasure (like a musical instrument or a video game) isn't bad. But aspiring to own more and more "stuff" to make yourself feel rich is wrong.

  14. Terry Zhao says:

    Dumbass always "buying the latest smartphones," and having the feeling of 'needing' the 'latest tech and cloth trends?' That's where credit card debt and the 'poverty cycle' comes from. Some "next generation" people in the 21st century just can't get their ass off the high horse(and no, trying to grab minimal processed crap and 'eating clean' without unethical food industry 'manufactured' gmo crap isn't living on the high horse-that's a 'good materialism,' to actually be willing to spend more currency on food which is really "food" if possible, or minimal processed with the least additives, though also a decent diet, wishing for necessities is a "good" materialism, ah), and are obsessed with luxuries.
    I recall saying how Nikes were 'expensive' to a friend of mine when I was younger(this was an "athletic" school), explaining how privaledged a 'child around the world would be with a pair,' though his response was raising his arms "Nikes are just fifty bucks! It's cheap!" Sure, a single person may have much more than 50 dollars in his or her possessions, though even 20, 10, or even 3 dollars should be taken decently seriously, because two dollars could purchase decent package 'clean food(Trisect, actually "food," unlike the crappy synthetic filler food), though not a lot. 40 dollars, that's a cart of groceries(decently clean food, not crappy synthetic processed). Though a child's number one teacher is his or her parents, the parents may also become materialistic, or have poor spending habits, right? Though breaking habits are possible, it's difficult. That's why the poverty cycle continues.

  15. mary Wright says:

    I like my Gibson SG and my Doc Martens because they are both reliable, useful and they make me happy. I don't regard myself as materialistic nor do I want more of either or these things.

  16. B Anderson says:

    This video is the blind leading the blind. Seek Jesus like the multitudes…

  17. Stalker says:

    It’s caused by society

  18. 한솔 says:

    We're materialistic because it works….

    Not everybody can be moral and faithful and all that bullshit because it's not for everybody. It's not for me because I've realized that society will always treat me like shit no matter what I do. That's why I'm turning to material goods so I can try to find myself through possessions…I simply get nothing from people because like I said, I'll just be treated like shit again, just like 50% of the population who isn't skilled, beautiful, extroverted, etc. I'm fucking tired of all these moral agents telling me how to live. Materialism will always be my god because that is the only choice I have and the only choice that is willing to accept me.

    Go ahead and flame. Idgaf.

  19. Cheyenne Hunter says:

    thank you so much, your video is the only one that has put a perspective on this issue for me !!

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