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Saturday, April 28, 2018

When It is Time to Consider Laser Dentistry Colorado Springs

They are used in a host of orthopedic surgeries; they are used to improve vision in those that have been tied to glasses all their lives; and they can cut through the toughest substances on earth. It would seem to most that lasers are a true miracle of the time and for that reason it makes perfect sense that they have found a welcomed place in the dental world. In fact, lasers have been used in dentistry for more than a decade and can be used to treat a wide variety of different dental ailments – both cosmetic and the very serious.

Lasers for Cavities One of the common uses of lasers in dental offices is to remove tooth decay. The process of decay breaks down the outer two levels of the tooth’s makeup resulting in a small hole, which can eventually wreak real havoc should it reach further into the tooth. Lasers can be used to remove the decaying portion of the tooth so a filling can be used to protect it against further damage. The laser is far more precise than the hand drill more commonly used to date. At a different setting, lasers can also be used to provide a fast and hard cure to the filling. However, it should be noted that while lasers offer a great number of advantages in this process, they cannot be used when a tooth has already had a filling, nor can they be used on cavities between teeth. Nevertheless for small cavities on the surface, they can provide a less painful procedure and can preserve a large portion of the healthy tooth.

Lasers for Teeth Whitening Another very common practice in dental offices is teeth whitening and bleaching. Laser Dentistry Colorado Springs brings a new light (literally) to the process with the use of lasers to activate the peroxide bleaching solution. This speeds up the reaction time and allows the patient to be in and out faster with fantastic results. Though they do play a significant part in many in-office bleaching procedures, lasers are part of the reason that teeth whitening costs so much. They have a significant upfront cost for the dentist, which means the dentist is forced to pass on that expense to patients.

Lasers in the Fight against Gum Disease Gums are susceptible to bacteria that forms on them when food is not completely washed away or when the body’s defense isn’t reacting as it should. As a result, something called gum disease can form and cause a great deal of trouble for a patient. Especially during root canal procedures, gums become very vulnerable, but lasers can be used to clear away the bacteria forming there and may even be used to reshape the gum line.

Lasers for Diagnosis One final and very important use of laser dentistry is for biopsy and lesion removal. The laser can make very small and delicate incisions that would be far more difficult for a human being to make. Therefore, they are commonly used to remove a piece of infected tissue within the mouth. This can be done simply to relieve pain associated with the tainted area or can be used to collect tissue for cancer testing. With a laser, anxiety of the patient can be reduced and bleeding will be minimal, which makes it easier and safer for doctor and patient.

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