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Saturday, March 3, 2018

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Have you ever thought back on your young self and feel a sigh of relief when you think about choices you’re thrilled you didn’t go through with? This week, Chelsea talked about eight of them, and exactly why that is.

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8 Dangers of Credit Cards and How You Can Avoid Them:

For First Time in Modern Era, Living With Parents Edges Out Other Living Arrangements for 18- to 34-Year-Olds:

The True Cost Of Owning A Car:

Your Driving Costs:

Definitions and Examples of Opportunity Cost:

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  1. Sabine says:

    That amount of monthly rent is terrible! 3680!!! Crazy! I am from austria living on the country side, we pay 1000€ for a 3 bed room apt.

  2. Windless Rain E says:

    You should do podcasts.

  3. Shelly Stone says:

    Chelsea, you've blown my mind with all those marriage facts. Thank you SO much! Now I know what to say when people so rudely ask 'why so single?' Mwahaha.

  4. EmilyHeartsCookies says:

    Love the hair!

  5. Life of Pineapple says:

    Number 2 was exactly what I needed to hear, thank you so much your videos are awesome <3

  6. Boaz says:

    I think this is a good topic for a video, but I wish it was shorter

  7. Steffi Ballerina says:

    Interesting how marriage can be seen so different. Around my friends everything under 30 is regarded too early and getting married before the relationship lasted 5-6 years at least is considered crazy.

  8. Fleur Mbemba says:

    Is wealthsimple only for people who live in the US? I live in the UK and so was wondering if it made a difference whether it was in dollars or pounds.

  9. Danica Christin says:

    You look even more stylish!

  10. Chris Feather says:

    Maybe a prepaid credit card it good in the US. It does nothing for your rating in Canada.A secured credit card can be useful to rebuild credit in Canada but a prepaid is essentially a gift card.

  11. Danielle Lyon says:

    Favorite video yet!

  12. Samantha Turner says:

    Y'all there are really affordable 4 year colleges. If you haven't found one you're not looking hard enough. You can have that college experience on a budget

  13. Lita Rusvita says:

    What camera do you use?

  14. FriskyFlores says:

    I like the new hair.

  15. MsMuslimahgirl says:

    13:34 these numbers, if done through a good survey, still have outside factors that should be considered

  16. Kaylie says:

    I think the community college choice is so important. To this day, I still sometimes feel like a lower-class student because I did not attend a traditional university; in reality, I saved tens of thousands of dollars by attending community college before transferring to an online university.

    I have always been told the real value of having that "traditional" college experience is the relationships you build with classmates, but that is something that can be built at community college, as well. Plus, I have been able to work full-time while attending college, so I've made many important connections through work, too!

  17. Wonder Cle says:

    very useful content for adult-to-be people! totally agrre with all your advices!

  18. Tracy Gall says:

    In regards to your last point, I'm so grateful to have women in my life (my mom and my grandma) who are so good financially. Even as my grandma is beginning to lose her memory, it's so interesting to see the shift from my grandpa trying to take over the books from her because he's never had to do it.
    I would also love to point out that my grandma's education stopped halfway through grade 8. And that's not to say that education is not important, but rather that if you're willing to make those changes and put the time into learning a skill it is doable. While it looks good on paper to have a college or university degree there are some skills you can learn or advance without shelling out tons of money to go to school.

  19. sicparvismagna says:

    The vest/hair combo makes you look one of those matter-of-fact tour guides who offhandedly mentions that they've wrestled a tourist out of a crocodiles jaws and shrugs it off like it's nbd.

  20. Isabel Lee says:

    It is crazy to me that millennials are judged for living with thier family. That is how humans have traditionally lived through out time. It was really only in the mid 20th century that that changed and it led to tons of problems. Elderly loneliness has skyrocketed, 2008 housing crash happened ect.

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