Asch’s Conformity

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Soloman Asch’s Conformity Experiments. The peer pressure of conforming to the group will make people give the wrong answer.
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This program discusses Peer Pressure and its effects on teens. It is designed to help teens feel comfortable discussing the issues and the positive and negative effects of Peer Pressure.
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  1. KazisCollection says:

    Gender is a social construct enforced by normative groupthink yo

  2. DirectTech22 says:

    ENGG 200 is gay af boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. Melody Cheong says:

    Does anyone know what theory this might be?

  4. J J says:

    What happens if the experimenter jumps from a bridge, will they follow too?? B.S.

  5. J J says:

    I just had to read about shit B.S for English class. All B.S and followers. No leaders amount this people.

  6. We Are Borg 478 says:

    See: Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting.

  7. Rev Conyers says:

    this is how Americans are manipulated on a daily basis , via media!

  8. Tom says:

    I love being me….

  9. bumperxx1 says:

    I would also want to shake each one of these Man Hands I guarantee some of them have a limp dick or limp fish handshake.

  10. bumperxx1 says:

    what did they say 35% conformed well I fall in the other percentile I don't conform if you ask me to do something I'm going to do it I don't give a fuck with anybody thinks I'll share my opinion even when it's unwanted I don't give a fuk if anything I would control the narrative

  11. Jack Waters says:

    This is why I feel lucky not caring about what predetermined norms exist, and only adhere after reviewing the logic/morale of the conclusion myself.

  12. Searching for Oneness says:

    Is the earth flat?????????

  13. Hellen L says:

    My class did this experiment on me and i said the good answer i dont freaking care what my class thinks?(sorry for my bad english)

  14. Evan Rechelbacher21 says:

    best video ever

  15. ambitious 94 says:

    same situation happened with ppl who believe that Israel have the right to steal Palestine and kill its ppl even though that the reality speak for itself from Israel violent action with their stupid reason to justify their violence!!

  16. marhadiasak says:

    Ah the 70s

  17. Stopto Thinkabit says:

    I've seen this happen recently. It's scary as hell depending. See something (wrong) say something.

  18. britishadder says:

    ice bucket challenge

  19. NotAboutMe79 says:

    Jared Leto is the presenter

  20. 노현영 says:

    AFLHS 17기 1반 10번근처 왔다감
    1분부터 못알아먹음 인간적으로 영어자막이라도 줘야되는거 아닌가….

  21. 김명준 says:

    안외 17기 2반1번왔다가요

  22. Logan Lee says:

    안양외고 17기 이주현 왔다간다

  23. Nemosain says:

    mmm thx

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