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Great customer service is when an employee is just so nice, very courteous and they actually take the time out to hear your needs. Then after hearing your needs they execute a plan to make you happy. When you’re all done, you leave their establishment feeling like a million bucks!

All of us have experienced great customer service. We keep going back, not because they are the best, but because they have superior customer service. They are nice, efficient, and they listen to your needs. They will go far and beyond to put your happiness first.

We all have experienced bad customer service. You’re looking for a particular product and no one is there to assist you. You have to go to another department to try and find an employee. When you find an employee, most of the time they have to call someone else to assist you. Upon checking out at the the register the employee never greets you. When you are done checking out you’re ready to call for a manager, to make them aware of your very awkward shopping experience.

That’s why when I receive world class customer service, I like to show my gratitude and go far and beyond for the employee. I like to let them know that they are greatly appreciated and for them to keep doing what they are doing. I like to speak to a manager directly, to let them know their employee is doing a great job! If I can’t speak to a manager, I will fill out a customer satisfaction card and drop it in the slot.

I do it to let the employee know that they are greatly appreciated and to keep up the good work. It makes me happy to know, most businesses give incentives to their employees when they receive praise. So, the next time you are out and you experience world class customer service, let the employee know that they are greatly appreciated!

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Democracy is for the people, by the people, and of the people. Unfortunately, in India, Democracy has been far from the people, buying the people, and off the people. India is not only the largest democratic country in the world but also a country with so many different cultures existing in harmony with each other showing the world how one can live in harmony with others irrespective of their religion, race, caste, creed, sect, etc. People of India are a wonderful lot but the self-proclaimed leaders/ politicians of India have been letting them down for the past 60 years since India got Independence after a long-drawn struggle by Mahatma Gandhi, who believed in Non-violence. According to the written constitution, India should ideally go to elections after every 5 years. But, Indian politicians have been making mockery of the democratic principles of the nation and have been only concentrating on making money during their 5-year stint at the public office instead of serving the common people who voted them to power. Once voted to power, politicians have been forgetting the same people, who elected them as their representatives to solve the problems they have been facing, for years, in their constituency.

Hoping that this kind of situation will emerge in future, the authors of Indian constitution have provided a democratic weapon to the Indian people in the form of 49 (O), which allows its citizens to not only stop the culprit politicians from occupying the seats of power from time-to-time without serving the public but also cancel the contested election!

Hey Indian citizens! Do you all aware that 49 (O) of Indian constitution allows you NOT TO RECORD your vote? If you are not interested in anyone of the contesting candidates, you can still go to the polling booth, confirm your identity, get your finger marked and then tell the Presiding Officer that you do not want to register your vote instead of electing and voting for a particular candidate in the usual way. Indian Constitution has provided a provision for this under the Act of 1969. This Act allows you to protest against the candidates, who are contesting the elections in a noble, official, and efficient way. You can use 49 (O) as a weapon to stop the useless, illiterate, corrupt, and criminal background people from entering the Indian polity through contesting from small posts like Ward Councilor to prestigious positions in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, State Assembly, etc.

Yes! It is true that you can stop the candidate, whom you do not want to represent your constituency, instead forcibly made your representative by the respective political parties as your representative, from contesting the election. Following is the exact procedure to be followed by both the voter and the Presiding Officer, in case, if the voter decides NOT TO VOTE. Excerpt taken from the Election Commission of India’s “Handbook for Candidates” PDF for your convenience: 49O. Elector deciding not to vote. – If an elector after his electoral roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon as required under sub-rule (1) of rule 49I., deciding not to record his vote, a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form-17A by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.

Using this 49 (O) weapon, you can force the candidates to stop them from contesting the re-election. If the people, who are disgruntled and frustrated with the present contestants are more in number than the regular voters who are willing to vote in a particular constituency, then this disgruntled and frustrated lot can bring drastic changes by opting for “NOT TO VOTE”. This kind of action from you will force the political parties to think before fielding their culprit and non-efficient candidates, who have been made a habit of sucking money out of the public purse to serve their personal needs instead of public needs. Not only that, after facing the rebuff from the people regarding the candidates they have fielded, political parties will also be forced to stop making irresponsible claims and unaccountable promises, which usually they do during elections time as part of their vote gimmicks. If you exercise your “NOT TO VOTE” option, then, the Election Commission will be forced to dissolve the election, provided if the number of “NOT TO VOTEs” are more compared to the number of regular votes garnered by the winning candidate. Since people have already expressed their verdict against the candidate, it will also become the duty of the Election Commission to stop all the contesting candidates from re-contesting. So, the old contestants are not allowed to re-contest during the re-election. This way, you can elect your representative whom you think is most capable, efficient, and who can really take care of your needs and requirements.

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Seeking the very best auction deals around? Then you just need to take a look at a totally free government auction these days. Totally free you ask? That’s correct folks, attending or participating in a government auction is totally totally free. In the event you believe that’s fantastic then you will be even much more excited to discover that you don’t have to have any unique documents or certification to partake in a government auction; they’re open to the general public. This article will attempt to explain the numerous kinds of totally free government auctions and what makes every so extremely unique.

One of the largest and most widespread kinds of government auctions out there’s the seized property auction. Our government holds seized auctions and also the majority of merchandise they’ve acquired was taken from criminals because of their illegal activity prior to their incarceration. Criminal’s ill-gotten gains like real estate, clothing, jewelry and costly sports cars are seized then sold to the public at greatly reduced costs. Simply because the government isn’t seeking to make a profit off of the items they sell, but merely recoup cash spent on case administration and prosecution, the deals that will be discovered on the auction block are merely incredible.

Like seized property auctions, surplus property auctions are also held by our government and provide up a few of the greatest goods around. There’s nevertheless, a substantial distinction between these two kinds of auctions. Unlike seized auctions, surplus goods essentially come from numerous government agencies or local governments who have excess items that they longer require. These items are usually of a lower caliber than seized property auctions merely simply because the government is not interested in buying fancy cars, real estate or jewelry. If all of the lush items can only be discovered at a seized auction, what can you expect to discover at a surplus property auction? Surprisingly fairly significantly every thing! From boats, cars, and aircraft, to house furnishings, office supplies, and school supplies you are able to discover it all at a surplus property auction.

In the event you like what you have been reading so far about totally free government auctions then it only gets much better. Not only will you get unbelievable deals on items by attending a live surplus or seized auction, but on-line government auctions also take location all of the time. Conveniently bid on anything and every thing the government has to provide from the convenience of house. Anybody with an affinity for web sites like eBay and Amazon can really appreciate the pleasure of bidding at an on-line government auction, except that competition is muted simply because not everybody knows about these totally free on-line government auctions.

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Going to France soon? Need a refresher course on French? Trying to impress that French person at work? Whatever the reason, there are various methods used to learn French quick. This article will discuss the various methods used to learn French quickly, and why some of them may not be right for you.

Immersion: This is a very common method for attempting to learn French quick. In this method you surround yourself with the language. You attempt to only speak French, try to read books in French, ask those around you who speak French to only speak in French around you, watch French television, you get the idea. This can help you learn a language quickly, but it is by far the most difficult way to attempt to learn a new language, and should not be used by someone new to the language. This is more geared towards intermediate level speakers who can at least communicate in French a bit. The other problem with this method is the level of inconvenience. Trying to get that level of immersion takes a lot of commitment and you would have to have access to the books, tv, people who speak French, etc, which is very difficult to get.
Books: This is probably the most common method, and while it can be quick, there is very little guidance, it pretty much comes down to how self-motivated and organized you are. This method will not have any way to help you pronounce the words (audio pronunciation). However, this is by far the cheapest way to learn the language short of finding a relative or friend who is fluent in French teach you.
Software: This is another common method, and is more expensive than books but less expensive than classes. This typically includes an audio component to help you learn the proper pronunciation, and interactive games and tests to help you gauge how well you are doing and to help you learn French quick. The downside to this method is that you aren’t really having an interactive component with another French speaking individual, which helps immensely.
Classes: Probably the most effective way to learn French quickly, short of immersion. You get an instructor to help you with pronunciation, and you also get other students you can interact with, including having a conversation in French, which helps quite a bit. The downside to this is that it is inconvenient, you have to go at the pace of the class and take time out of your schedule to meet when the class meets. Cost is also a bit high, usually several hundred dollars.

I recommend going to classes to learn quickly and effectively, but if you cannot find the time or money to attend classes then I recommend Rocket French, a very effective language learning program that is cheaper than taking classes and goes at whatever pace you want in order to help you learn French quick.

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Setting up a business is no more, a possibility of the riches. You no longer need to be fortunate to establish a business setup or invest into any business. It is out now, at large. Accounting forms a very essential part in all businesses. In general, accounting means maintenance of auditing records, and preparation of financial reports. For suitable monitoring and smooth functioning of a business, maintaining the accounts is very important. It helps in saving important resources of the business and enhances efficiency of the concern. Though, small business accounting services are considered burdensome, but are very essential for the concern.

In today’s world of modern business, accounting services in all sizes and forms of business is a business necessitate. It is considered to be one of the most important aspects of business. Small businesses are as much a necessity as it is in big businesses. It ensures that all the decisions made in your small business are fiscally sound. If you maintain accurate records of your small business, then it will be highly beneficial for you to run your small organization. Sometimes, small business owners prefer getting their small business accounting services done by some external firm. This means outsourcing of your accounting functions to some third party to get the job done without having to employ any in house employee.

There are countless advantages of your small business accounting services. Some of them are mentioned in this article. With the help of your financial records, you can monitor and measure the performance of your employees. This also aids the bankers, stockholders, government agencies and suppliers to make their decision of investing money. It also helps people assess the solvency and productivity of your concern. The accounting services play a vital role in the grounding reports of financial transaction, which provides information to the external companies. It allows the authority to make mature and sound decisions on the finances of the company.

Under this situation, it is wise to invest in outsourcing of your small business accounting services. Hiring the services of an outsource firm will give you the scope to concentrate more on the mainstay issues that will give a push to the productivity of the company and will be advantageous for the same. Outsourcing will ascertain that you will receive all your accounting jobs on time, promptly done by a professional company, in lieu of cash. So, in order to cut the cost of operation and yet get the job done by experts, hiring outsourcing services is the only solution.

We provide small business accounting services at a very reasonable rate. The services delivered by us are of extremely good quality and totally devoid of mistakes. Timely delivery is our forte.

Accurate Accounting” _mce_rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Accounting”>”>Accounting Services improves the ability of a firm to focus on business growth while simultaneously curtailing risks and costs. One such leading Accounting” _mce_rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>Accounting”>”>Accounting Service works for small and medium businesses worldwide.

If you are studying to learn Spanish and struggling with different interpretations of the language then this article is made for you. There are many different interpretations of the Spanish language in my experience. You may want to learn Mexican Spanish

A couple of years ago I managed to take some time out from my work and spent a month travelling through Spain. I started out from the Northern Spain and followed the coast road to Southern Spain stopping off at all the small villages along the way.

I started at the Pyrenees area where the Spanish seems to be a mixture of French and Spanish and the further south I travelled it changed at every point of the way.

I thought my Spanish was pretty good before I started out and then realised how much there is to learn. A good explanation of this would be if you travelled from Cornwall in the UK and travelled the country as far north as Scotland the different accents and interpretations would be amaze you.

But don’t despair the reason I am explaining all this that if you are planning to live or travel to Mexico then you need to learn Mexican Spanish which is a some what different to the spoken language in the mainland of Spain. If you want to learn Mexican Spanish the program I would recommend is real Latin American Spanish.

If you are looking to learn Mexican Spanish look around for Puerto Ricans and Colombians to help you. In my experience Spanish people respond very well to people who are making an effort to speak their language. They are a very friendly and helpful. You may have to step out of your comfort zone at first and you may produce a few smiles along the way but that’s the fun and the challenge of learning another language.

If you are determined to learn Mexican Spanish it is important to submerge yourself with the language. If you are able to think back to when you started out with English as a child it was being fed into your subconscious mind each and every day and I believe that is the attitude you need to acquire. You need to force yourself to speak it every day and believe me it will happen.

There are lots of things you can do in order to learn Mexican Spanish when you are driving in your car instead of getting frustrated with the traffic play the CD in your car. If you like exercise then get your Mp3 player and listen to it all these things while you are exercising this really helped me in the beginning. The most important thing is not to give up it can be a bit overwhelming when you start out.

I have been studying Spanish for many years and tried lots of different programs. It is important to choose the right course for you depending on where you are travelling or maybe planning to live or work. Here are a couple of options you may like to consider. In most Spanish programs there is usually a free lesson option. I really suggest you take advantage of this before you make a decision on which to study

Regardless of how you approach it parenting teenagers is no small feat. You will likely see that this is a very chaotic time for teens and their parents. This article will give you some ideas on how to keep your relationship with your child positive.

It’s important for you to remember that you are not their best friend you are their parent. Many parents fall into the trap of trying so hard to remain close to their teenagers that they simply let them do whatever they want. Teenagers don’t always admit it but they really do want your advice and guidance. At times they also need certain limits, and if you don’t provide these, it’s unlikely anyone else will, at least not in a constructive way. Most kids who don’t have the necessary limits end up in trouble at school, and with the law. You don’t have to be authoritarian in your approach to parenting teenagers, but you have to let your teenager know that you care what they are doing and that some things are not allowed. One of the biggest influences a parent can have on their teenager is the example they provide. Parents often do not practice what they preach. Teens are more likely to drink or get high if their parents are doing it regardless of what the parents are telling them to do. You’ve probably experienced the parrot effect of your teens, they say what you say regardless of whether or not you’ve told them not to. Therefore, setting the example you want them to follow is one of the first principles of parenting teenagers.

Parenting teens often requires you to be the parent and now allow some things. When you don’t approve of their actions it’s important that you reinforce to them that you still love them and care about them even though their actions aren’t pleasing. What this means for you is that your discipline and rules need to be set within a state of neutrality rather than anger. Pick your battles carefully. It has to be clear that when you make rules, it’s for the well being and safety of everyone, not because you’re mad or that you don’t like them. You must keep the position as a parent who wants what is best for their child but also one who loves that child unconditionally. You’ll quickly find that this is not as easy as it looks. You can watch your teen grow into a budding adult despite the difficult moments. Remember you are not the only one going through a transition here, your teen is struggling as much as you are. We sincerely hope the tips here have been helpful in getting you through parenting a teenager.

John Kennedy is a prolific writer on parenting and other related topics.

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From the day we’re born, we need certain essentials to be able to live.  Food, air, water, clothing, shelter, to name a few. Every one of these items allow us to get on with our every day lives and until the day we die, we will never stop requiring these things.

Even if you’ve led a less than healthy lifestyle yourself, you can easily stop today and start experiencing a healthy life. A healthy detox is but one method for taking care of your body.

A healthy detox is the means of clearing your body of harmful chemicals and toxins which are damaging to your overall health. Our bodies usually works much like a well-oiled machine by doing this for you without you ever needing to think about it.

The liver functions to keep your body clean and protect against toxins from getting into the blood stream. If your liver gets overworked, the process could fail, or perhaps stop. Bad eating and lifestyle choices could wear down its normal mechanism. That’s why a healthy detox is really beneficial.

Ideally, a healthy detox plan should really last from one week to a month and never be performed over three times per year.  Too much detoxification may have side effects on your body and make nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. That said, a proper detox is often integrated into your normal everyday routine.

Strategies to achieve Healthy Detox

Eating a healthy diet – Detox calls for decreasing the processed foods you usually eat and alternatively replacing them with more healthy alternatives for a more healthy diet. Fresh fruits plus vegetables are the key components for a healthy detox. There’s also legumes, nuts, seeds as well as whole grains available.

There’re foods which provide natural vitamins and minerals necessary for your body and the same time are great for your digestion. Additionally, you should eat more frequently throughout the day.

Eating 4-6 small sized meals or snacks at equal intervals during the day is ideal. If you must eat that unhealthy food, try to have it prepared differently making it less harmful, possibly grilling, steaming, or baking rather than frying.

Water Therapy – Drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day is highly encouraged. Healthier fluids can be replaced such as green teas, herbal tea and vegetable juice.

Regular exercise – Laying on the couch watching TV does absolutely nothing for your body’s health. Try getting away from non-active activities. Try gentle aerobic exercise to strengthen one’s heart and lungs. Not only will it to help you get moving, but a number of nasty toxins can be excreting via sweat while you workout.

Rest and sleep – Getting sufficient rest and sleep assists your body in regeneration and restore your body back to its original functioning.

Reducing alcohol and cigarettes It’s best to not drink or smoke. These are contributory causes to an unhealthy lifestyle so they should be used moderately or even excluded completely if at all possible.

Nutritional supplements- Dietary supplements are food enhancers that allow the body a chance to process foods regularly. Multivitamins and antioxidants should be used as supplements, and should never be used as a replacement for fruits and vegetables.

Clearly, a healthy detox is the best method of not just cleansing, refreshing and strengthening your body, but also the mind.  It is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle and will provide you with much more energy, a more powerful immune system.

If you are searching for a way to reduce stress, increase your energy level, lose weight and get back to optimal health, a Healthy Detox could be your answer to what’s keeping you from feeling like a kid… full of energy and optimism.

Joel Shapiro’s Loss and Regeneration poignantly addresses the disintegration of families and the tragedy of lives interrupted by the Holocaust. Shapiro’s work, situated on the plaza along Raoul Wallenberg Place, consists of two bronze elements that engage in symbolic dialogue.

After visitors have viewed the exhibitions chronicling the ghettos and the death camps, they enter the second-floor lounge to encounter a wall drawing by Sol LeWitt, entitled Consequence. Five large squares dominate the long wall.

Each square is bordered in black, and contains a central gray square outlined with a band of white. In between the white and black contours are subtle colors of varying hues.

The rhythmic pattern of squares within squares invites introspection, while the fields of color suggest absence. It represents lives, families, and communities made vacant as a consequence of the Holocaust.

Visitors encounter Ellsworth Kelly’s work in the third-floor lounge after touring the exhibition sequences that recount the escalation of Nazi violence between 1933 and 1939. In contrast to the dimly-lit exhibition spaces, the lounge is high-ceilinged and filled with light.

On two opposing walls are Kelly’s four wall sculptures, collectively entitled Memorial. The largest of four pieces is a white fan-shaped panel that stretches almost 27 feet at its widest point and floats several inches from the wall.

Opposite are three identical, evenly spaced white rectangles that also project several inches from the wall. Kelly’s sculptures create a constant interplay of light and shadow that changes throughout the day.

The Museum’s first floor holds the Hall of Witness, a large, three-story, sky-lit gathering place. The elements of dislocation that are first introduced outside the building reappear here.

Visitors move through a canopied entrance and cross over a raw steel platform to enter the Hall of Witness. It is a transitional threshold that separates and displaces the visitor from the outside world.

The building employs construction methods from the industrial past. The raw brick is load bearing, turnbuckles connect tie rods, and structure is exposed.

The glass roof shears the building on a diagonal line. The skylight drops beneath the flanking brick walls to the third-floor level, pressing down upon the open space below even as it opens the visitor’s view to the sky above.

Above the skylight, visitors in the Hall can see spectral-like figures crossing overhead on glass bridges that connect the north and south towers, lending an unsettling air of surveillance. The fissure underscores a sense of imbalance, distortion, and rupture, which are characteristics of the civilization in which the Holocaust took place.

Design features that fill the Hall of Witness and recur throughout the building summon more directly the tragic themes of the Holocaust. Crisscrossed steel trappings seem to brace the harsh brick walls against some great internal pressure.

The Hall’s main staircase narrows unnaturally toward the top, like receding rail tracks heading to a camp. The west wall of the Hall of Witness is made of black granite, the east wall of white marble – the former ominous, the latter hopeful.

The play of light and shadow, along with contrasting wide and narrow spaces, arouses contradictory notions of accessibility and confinement. The entire Hall is defined by unpredictability and uncertainty.

Altogether, the interior suggests a departure from the norm, informing visitors that they are in a profoundly different place. It is an environment that stimulates memory and sets an emotional stage for the Museum’s exhibitions.

Memory, above all, defines the Hall of Remembrance, the national memorial to victims of the Holocaust. Occupying the interior of the hexagonal structure that overlooks Eisenhower Plaza, the Hall is a solemn, simple space designed for public ceremonies and individual reflection.

Epitaphs are set onto the limestone walls that encircle an eternal flame. Diffused sunlight illuminates the Hall as it passes through the translucent glass of a high, center skylight.

The floor is red granite, spattered and cracked by natural fissures. Narrow openings on the side walls let in light and offer partial views of the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

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