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Recycling is like exercising – everyone knows we should do it, but not all of us do it as frequently as we should and many of us don’t do it at all. However, there are tons of reasons why you must make an effort to recycle as much as feasible. If you have not been diligent about recycling, this article provides some great reasons why you should start.

1. Recycling cuts back on global warming.
2. Production of certain materials from the start can release serious amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.
3. Recycling paper saves trees – for each ton of paper recycled, 17 trees are saved. Each of these trees can extract around 250 pounds of carbon-dioxide from the air in a year.
4. Recycling makes us more energy-efficient. It frequently takes a great amount more energy to form something from nothing than to reuse it.
5. It keeps our landfills from overflowing. We are fast running out of space for landfills especially near towns.

Beach towns have been dumping trash into their seas for years to by-pass the difficulty, but with widespread sea ecological collapse, this isn’t longer a practicable option. Worse yet, it’s hard to find land in suburban and agricultural areas whose residents will permit landfills to come into their areas without a fight. The squeeze for rubbish heap land is only going to become worse in the future.

Recycling gives us some hope. Studies show that 60% to 75% of rubbish in landfills can be recycled. That suggests that if everyone recycled, we would have 60% to 75% less rubbish in our landfills, and we’d need at least that far less land for rubbish disposal. The rubbish in landfills is mostly not treated in any way it’s simply thrown in a huge hole and buried over. A lot of this rubbish isn’t environmentally friendly or readily biodegradable and it is unsurprising that contaminants can get into our water. It is also a major reason why it isn’t safe to drink from streams and brooks when you are hiking and camping even when it’s like you are in a spotless environment. It reduces air pollution. A lot of factories that produce plastics, metals, and paper products release poisons into the air.

For instance, plastics are usually burned in incinerators. Plastics are made with oil, and that oil is released into the atmosphere when the plastic burns, creating significant greenhouse-gas emissions. From manufacturing to processing, from collection to invention it’s common knowledge that recycling is an expansion industry, earning billions of bucks yearly. Our desire to recycle is only going to grow more insistent as populations grow and as technology changes. It adds to property worth. It is obvious a rubbish heap near your house can decrease your property values significantly. Recycling decreases the quantity of land required for landfills. This decreases the quantity of homes near landfills, keeping property values up and house owners cheerful. The more folks recycle, the less landfills we need and if enough folks pitch in, recycling should pay off for everyone. It is good business. Pitting business against the environment is a lose-lose situation – everyone suffers.

Commercial factories and processing plants save masses of cash on energy and extraction systems when they use recycled materials rather than virgin resources. They also make sure that basic resources don’t become a scanty commodity, keeping demand and costs down and making sure that their business can continue for years to come. One person can contribute. Many of us think this is true with recycling, too but the reality is that small acts of recycling make a giant difference.

David Sein is a freelance journalist reporting on socially conscious issues.

Recycling containers are becoming more and more important in today’s society. Learning about the need to recycle is not new and has been around for years, but it is really finally catching on more and more these days. It has now become apparent to many of us how important it is to recycle as many materials as we possibly can.

Children will learn what they see. If they see us recycling, chances are good as they get older they will also recycle. It will become a learned habit to them. Many of us have had to teach ourselves to recycle. We have had to make it one of our priorities so it will become a habit to us also. Our planet needs our help.

Our cities are making it easier for us to recycle by providing pick-up services. Our workplace is making it easier by providing separate recycling containers for the paper we use and the soda can we would normally discard. Some businesses are even recycling their ink cartridges from the computer printers in the office.

We need recycling containers to place all the different types of items we need to recycle now days. We need one container for paper, one for newspapers, one for corrugated boxes, one for cans, one for plastic bottles, one for ink cartridges, one for glass bottles, one for food cans and the list continues to grow. Technology has not caught up to some of the items we use. Technology does not have a method to recycle everything we use at this time. The good thing about technology is it makes progress all the time. So what they can’t do today, they will be able to fix tomorrow.

As far as the recycling we are doing right now it still need improvement. More and more people need to get involved. We have not even come close to recycling all the materials or even every item of those materials yet. We may only recycle about 30% of the items we use when we need to be recycling 100% of the items we use. Some people are still not taking the time to recycle when they can. We are all or have been guilty of this at times, but some people just can’t seem to see the importance of recycling. Maybe they think it is too much trouble or someone else will take care of it for them. This is sad. We can’t educate everyone, but we can help our friends and family, especially our children. Some day this problem, which will be a larger problem by then will be passed on to them. They will be living with the mess we helped create and so will their children, your grandchildren.

If you are one of those people who are not recycling not now, it is never too late to start. It doesn’t really take that much effort. You don’t really have to invest in recycling containers, you can make your own out of a box or an unused trash can. You can even get creative. Just use something. You will be surprised how quickly it can become a habit once you start.

Charles Taft is a proud 63 year old grandpa of six wonderful grandchildren. He is an expert in the field of recycling and recycling supplies and appreciates the opportunity to provide information and equipment for those who seek to do the right thing for our planet today and for the future through various recycling efforts. Charles Taft is also the owner of Recycling Supply Company website, for more information about him please