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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

When you begin creating an online business and really start enjoy creating content you will find yourself wanting to create content that has nothing to do with your main website or blog.  If this happens you will need to begin creating new websites, blogs, or web pages depending on the amount of content you want to create.  Do not create content that is off topic then post it on your blog or website this will deter readers and traffic that come to your web presence looking for information on a specific topic.  Now when you begin creating new web presences it will be easy to create the presence, but difficult to find time to market the presence.  This is where many webmasters fail not realizing to reach a website or blogs full potential you must dedicate the majority of your free time.  The best rule I have given myself is picking one main presence to market and making sure I spend time marketing the presence each and every day.  If there is time for the other websites and blogs I may build a few links or work on social websites, but this is not guaranteed.


The main web presence you choose should take up the majority of your time.  I highly recommend creating a blog so you have an easy way to update your presence with new unique related content.  Blogs have quickly become how people are making millions of dollars online and if you would like to make enough money to stay home full time this platform should be a consideration.  Usually I recommend setting up a free blog, but if you are at the point of setting up numerous web presences then you probably already know that you are truly wanting to keep working online.  If this is the case then rather than setting up a free presence go to or and purchase a couple years of unlimited hosting.  Once you have the hosting purchased go to and download the blogging software.  You will also need to download filezilla which will allow you to upload the blogging software on your server.  Now you have a blog which can handle an unlimited amount of traffic and pages.


Now that you have your main blog it is fine to create free blogger blogs or squidoo pages.  Remember to keep your main marketing time focused towards your main blog, but there will be time when you can build links towards your smaller presences.  One good example of this is when you go to the different article directories to submit content and acquire backlinks.  Around 99% of the article directories on the web allow you to place two links in the authors resource which allows you to market your main presence and any side presence you have been working on.  Make sure you spread the links out between all of your side presences so they all link together.  You should also place links to your main presences on all of your side presences for whatever term you want to rank well for.  As you build links to the side presences the links on these side presences to your main presence will grow in authority.

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