Scientists Finally Discovered the Truth About Easter Island

Sunday, March 11, 2018

We all know that the easter island heads have bodies – that’s not a mystery at all. But but how did the easter island population build hundreds of statues? Scientists have recently solved this mystery and discovered where these people disappeared to and why.

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  1. Chris Tao says:

    1:40 Isn't that East? Chile is 2300 Miles East of Rapa Nui?

  2. Netsong says:

    Great easter egg.

  3. Shannon Brill says:

    Umm it doesn’t make since they move them selves brightside is just making facts to impress people!!!

  4. Delroy Murray says:

    I have to say that I'm glad this was only 10 minutes long 😉

  5. VoodooD0g says:

    feet and "us tons"? cant u use the metric that most normal human beeings are used to?

  6. yamamancha says:

    Where ever Europeans traveled, they brought misery, disease, and death. Same result over and over again.

  7. Adam Sobotka says:

    Misleading headline, weirdly presented facts. Reading the wikipedia would be good start, Bright one. E.G. – those american scientists were Norwegian and Czech 🙂

  8. Chris and Stuff says:

    Notice how he makes pauses and tells us to keep watching to get to ten mins gotta get that money

  9. Randy H says:

    Ok the archaeologists walking-the-statues was pretty darn cool. That was the one mystery that was bugging me.

  10. SantoMitto says:

    Minecraft confirmed

  11. Tony Papantoniou says:

    Not impressed they said in the hay day there were 17,500 people on the island but when westerners came there were 1500 to 3000 people and they blame them for their decline saying they took them as slaves, when they were devastated before they came.

  12. Dereje Moges says:

    so why they are created? i think the main mystery of the statues are why they are created? what they are implied? plus you don't have got any sources for your theories.

  13. Koen van 't Klooster says:

    Maybe they were moved during the ice age.

  14. Wendy Kitty says:

    This make me sleepy


    Lol its an old god

  16. Mike Stanley says:

    music is fine but does it have to go on for TEN MINUTES?

  17. GangGang says:

    wait, the island looks like a turtle xD

  18. Keegan Rooney says:

    but how did the statures body get barried

  19. Glowl Family MSM & DOF says:

    I laughed at the thumbnail..

  20. dreikenshin vicente says:


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