The Constitution, Article 3, the Judicial Branch.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Mr. Pahl talks to his Civics students at Bartlett High School about the Constitution. It’s the 4th in the series on the U-46 Constitution test, about the Judicial Branch


  1. Pharaoh Prince says:

    11:20 AM 9/21/2016  You want me to look it up on wiki for you?  This is what it says about Political Question: In American Constitutional law, the political question doctrine is closely linked to the concept of justiciability, as it comes down to a question of whether or not the court system is an appropriate forum in which to hear the case. This is because the court system only has authority to hear and decide a legal question, not a political question. Legal questions are deemed to be justiciable, while political questions are nonjusticiable.[1] One scholar explained:The political question doctrine holds that some questions, in their nature, are fundamentally political, and not legal, and if a question is fundamentally political … then the court will refuse to hear that case. It will claim that it doesn't have jurisdiction. And it will leave that question to some other aspect of the political process to settle out.— John E. Finn, professor of government, 2006[2] – Wikipedia  So it comes down to you about what YOU are going to attack me about in court about "POLITICS".  To be honest politics shouldn't even be talked about in a courtroom no matter what.

  2. Pharaoh Prince says:

    11:12 AM 9/21/2016  Just woke up and I need to run some errands.  Are all of you still attacking me about politics?  Did you take this to court?  Did you take this to a regular court or is Supreme Court the one in here doing this?  It depends on what you are going to attack me about with politics.  The Federal Court will drop or dismiss the lawsuit/court case if its too political (you need to take it to Congress or President not a courtroom).  Theres only one way to find out so what are you waiting for?  What does Article 3 have to do with this?  Do you even know what the Preamble of the Constitution is?  I'm going off your laws you made in your own country I didn't just drop the crown on me and made myself King of America.  I'm pretty sure its Article 3 Section 2 Clause 1 about the whole justiciability issue.

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