The Science Behind A Popular Podcast

Friday, April 6, 2018

Podcasting can be a powerful marketing method when it is executed properly, but so many cannot see that and are limiting themselves. The trick is to create a quality podcast that people want to listen to. Some people seem to have difficulty doing that, though. And of course others have no problems doing it. But when you’re getting started with podcasts, then any help will be good help – if it’s good information. We’ll now delve into the fundamentals of making your own podcast.

Get a good and reliable microphone. Understand that not just any microphone will do for this situation. Be willing to drop a little money for a quality mic because you’ll appreciate it when you listen to your recording quality. Your best bet will be a directional microphone so it will not pick-up unwanted noises. Some quick research will give you some ideas. You’ll find quite a range of mics, and the spread in price and quality is wide. Many podcasters have websites, so you can take a look there. They probably have a section on their websites that will tell you what tech equipment they use.

Also, before you publish your podcast, you’ll want to optimize it. This is important because a podcast can get ranked in the search engines, too. So what you’ll do is use tags for all your links and the page where your podcast resides. The Liner and Show notes associated with a podcast can be optimized, too. Of course, just like with articles, make your podcast targeted to a topic, so when you do that you can optimize your headline. There’s no secret, you can do the same things to rank your podcasts and get targeted search engine traffic. The whole point to SEO’ing your podcasts is to gain more exposure.

Ask your listeners for feedback. It’s always best to be impersonal about it, so just ask for good and negative feedback. Then, see how you can improve from the process. Ask for suggestions for future topics. Always avoid letting your ego get in the way of improving yourself. Asking for other people’s opinions is powerful because it makes them feel valued. When you use someone’s idea, and they see it, they will really get a kick out of it. This will make you far more popular than if you just assume that everything you do is fine and do not allow feedback.

If you take the time to learn how to do it, podcasting can get just as much done for your business as many other methods. It will probably depend on the real value of your content, but some people charge for podcast access and many others do not.
But no matter what you can achieve impressive results with this audio medium. It’s all about relationship marketing, and you need to establish a degree of trust with your listeners just like any other method. It is a win-win situation.

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