Tornadoes 101 | National Geographic

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tornadoes, nearly three-quarters of which occur within the U.S., are unpredictable and can cause massive damage. New tools and data are helping scientists learn more about when they might form and what paths they might take.
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Tornadoes 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic
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  1. Michsel Holiday says:

    Wow some of the best explanations of tornadoes that I ever heard.

  2. Ricardo Linn says:


  3. Tanisha Carter says:


  4. Taekook is Life says:

    The narrator is awful. OMG. Voice is so annoying.

  5. genedraper16 says:

    Isn't peak season March to June?

  6. 383883838 says:


  7. Dimas Yus says:


  8. vanapalli sashank says:

    why?she had explained very nicely

  9. Liam Riggan says:

    yo waddup im at school

  10. Wamia Ashrafee says:

    I remember my mom told me that the biggest/deadly tornado that happened to my country at 1989.And yes i live in Bangladesh

  11. Miller Wang says:

    Could we ever channel a tornados energy? what about the entire storm?

  12. Evie Tallulah says:

    Never under-estimate a tornado ¬_¬

  13. LaQuita Davis Lewis says:

    I was born in a EF4

  14. eunwoo shim says:

    Could you do more of these channels???

  15. eunwoo shim says:

    You are the best narrator that I ever saw!!!! I really like how you explain! I'm Korean, but I am keep looking at  this channel

  16. Rxblox Rxblox says:

    make the speed 0.75 and then it sounds like a movie narrotor (scary movie)

  17. jose roberto lopez tadeo says:

    it is good

  18. i_stole_ur_ bike says:

    Her voice makes me have suicidal thoughts

  19. Lidia Martinez says:

    Thank you for that information!!

  20. JORDANM. POTOMA says:

    this is cool

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