Victims Of Bullying Powerless To Powerful

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Could there be simple answers to the bullying situation that would assist victims to deal with these crimes of the heart, and often the body as well?

Everyone has strong opinions on what should be done. They range from threatening the kids, parents, teachers and administrators with any number of legal actions including prison, to changing schools and even relocating to new cities.

Even if all of these solutions take place, will this heal the hurt experienced by the one who was bullied? Of course not. Will it teach them what to do to assure these situations wont continue? No. So what can be done?

Ive seen what can happen in a persons life – beyond what we imagine is even possible – as Ive been teaching people about The Simplicity of Stillness for quite some time. In every age group, including the very young, when a person begins to practice this unique form of meditation – life shifts. I can hear some of you groaning now too simple too esoteric

Consider those times you didnt know what to do and were in a very challenging situation, when suddenly from somewhere inside – there was an answer and you knew exactly what action to take.

The infinite intelligence we connect with in Stillness has answers and once you know how to connect to this place consistently, there is an enormous amount of strength that opens, an inner knowing that provides a greater clarity than weve ever had before.

This is not something we are taught in school, and yet if it was, the bullies as well as the victims, would discover the inherent greatness that lies at the core of each human being, and we would see these threatening actions diminish as each person recognizes their true value.

My Dad was a bully, he put his fist through the only locked door in the house to teach me a lesson he obviously felt I couldnt learn in any other way. I left home that night. I was sixteen. The words he spoke actually caused more hurt than the burning wounds left from his belt. Years later I discovered his Dad had bullied him.

I lived with hate in my heart and no understanding of my self-worth into adulthood from my fathers bullying. I imagine he also experienced the suffering these unconscious acts always cause. Once this pain began to heal, I found the courage to do many things I never could have before, and I learned to appreciate each person for who they are and what theyve come here to contribute.

Parents and children can bring Stillness into their lives very simply. Today it can happen as easily as playing music from a Stillness Session CD before going to sleep at night. I know an 11 year old who plays it on her iPod, while her mom goes to sleep listening, they say it has shifted their lives and has opened better communication between them as well.
When we find courage from that well of power that lies within us, we grow from the knowledge that we can make good decisions on our own. Suddenly our child recognizes they have answers as well, and they want to share their ideas and hear our thoughts.

This alone could be life-altering as so many of the kids who are getting bullied or have committed suicide, stopped talking to their parents about their distress and the challenges they were facing.

Imagine what could happen if this simple practice was adopted in school systems today. Imagine what could happen if each person recognized the value we have to offer each other. Its a game changer one that has lasting results.

Hate, Anger, Cycles of Pain, Prison,… or Stillness, Clarity, Strength, Appreciation for Humankind Choose

Marlise Karlin is a spiritual teacher who offers people a profound connection to their essence through The Simplicity of Stillness.

In 2001, a series of profound experiences completely shifted Marlises perception of life forever. After a period of integration, Marlise was then guided to begin sharing this profound understanding with the world

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