What is pollution?

Friday, March 16, 2018

What is pollution?

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Plastic pollution poses one of the biggest known threats to the ocean, influencing all ecosystems from beautiful coral reefs to abyssal trenches, eventually accumulating in our own food. Learn more about how to upend the current system of produce-use-discard, and transition to a system which promotes reuse and repurposing of plastics.
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How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean | National Geographic

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  1. Swedha Maheshkumar says:

    Idiotic!….No need of video for this….Try something new.

  2. ECOOLOGY says:


  3. khushbu kumari says:

    Any changes in the nature of environment due to Chemical physical and biological pollutant is called pollution

  4. Aiden Fyfe says:

    I cried

  5. Alan Anistro says:

    Jejee que asco de video

  6. adel qtr says:

    this is very sad and we need to respect the world

  7. RompotMechanikos says:

    make bottled water illegal.

  8. KittyGamer 12cool says:

    So sad and also very true

  9. Matilda Lasker says:

    we all srsly need to take action

  10. Tamer Abojoda says:

    كما تارون هو كيف يؤثر على البحار وغيرها

  11. Tamer Abojoda says:

    هذه كل المواد مؤثره على البيئه

  12. HoaiThu Phan says:

    i hope the ocean or somethings else will come back to be clean again

  13. Kenz300 x says:

    More companies need to use recycled plastic as a raw material for new products. Plastic waste needs to become more valuable as raw material. Companies need to step up and use recycled materials. People need to seek and buy goods with recycled material content.

  14. The viper god Soul says:

    I’m sad because how much plastic goes in the sea hello paper goodbyes plastic 😭🤯🤯🤯

  15. lilly waters says:

    Humans Have To Be The Earth's Dumbest Creatures

  16. Piyali Khurana says:


  17. punzainais says:

    hahah Fake In Latvia dont have dead zone!!

  18. David K says:


  19. Brecht De Rooms says:

    Crowdfunding to create more awareness.. especially to confront people that it is already to late, we can only make sure it doesn't go too far. https://www.crofun.com/en/project/start-to-eat-plastic#.WneHzpM-dTY

  20. The Eco Heroes says:

    We Care! We are Eco Heroes 🌍❤️

  21. Ramesh kumar sharma says:

    I thinking we need to ek kadam parkati ki aur

  22. Anime girl says:

    1:59 I never saw pink water before

  23. AGHound says:

    ug. i have to do a debate about plastic bags. I got the why we shouldn't ban them. I hate my side ._.

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